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I just received a personal letter from President Barack Obama asking for money to help him continue his agenda for the next two years.  I’m sure many others have received a similar form letter.  He quoted, “My only agenda for the next two years is the same as the one I had since the day I swore an oath on the steps of the capital to do what I believe is best for America.”

Mr. President, I took the same oath to protect America and our constitution when I was inducted into the US Army during the Korean War.  The only difference, I was sworn in at the train station in Denver.  Mr. President, I lived up to my sworn oath; you have not.

Obama, you have trashed our country and lead it in the most dangerous direction possible.  Your idea of what was best for America was to completely transform it.  Obama, this is our country, not yours.  We liked it just the way it was and we don’t like an outsider trying to change it.  The remark Rudy Guilliani made that you don’t like America, is constantly made in every coffee shop, street corner and private conservations.

Your pathetic failed leadership of our country has crippled America to the point it will take years to bring back.  You have divided this country by playing the race card at every change you get.  You have divided the two political parties to the extent that I doubt if they will ever be able to work together again.

You have blamed the Republican Party for all this country’s problems.  It is the race card you and your party keep playing that lets you get by with it.

Obama, your tenure as president has been filled with more scandals, cover-ups, stonewalling and corruption that all other presidents of our country combined.

Obama, my greatest desire is to be in a room alone with you and a reliable, neutral independent person with a lie detector, with my own list of questions I would like for you to answer.  The only rule would be that you only get one minute to answer a question, not fifteen.

Obama, this can be a great country again like it was before you came along.  But you have to go.

Don Reyher
Wiley, CO

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