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Letter to the Editor:     3-23-15

Note to self: Dear Diary, I went to the joint meeting of City of Lamar and Prowers County @ 5:30 p. m. as advertised. I am out of the meeting at 5:32 p. m. I can’t believe I got kicked out of the meeting because they went into executive session. I thought I could hang around in the meeting room while they went into executive session. Usually they go into the executive session room and they all come out and go on with the meeting. Man, they must have had a lot of stuff they didn’t want the public to hear.

They said it might take one hour or maybe even two hours to get done with their executive session. No wonder I was the only one in the audience. Maybe citizens give up and don’t bother to go to meetings because they know the public will be kicked out because they will just go into executive session. Please note that this is the first time I have ever been kicked out of a public meeting room. Maybe the next time I am kicked out of a public meeting room it will be more exciting and maybe even the press could have been there so I could throw a fit and make a point.

Dear Diary, one more thing: Maybe this is better than going to meetings, I can write and correct and if I say something stupid I can just erase it and don’t have to apologize.

Brad Semmens
29151 Hwy 287/385
Lamar, Co 81052

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