Weather Woes for Local Roofs-CHSAA Games Still Good for LCC

Wellness Center Basketball Court

Wellness Center Basketball Court

Several flat topped roofs in the Lamar area are feeling the effects of the recent snows such as leaking ceilings.  Fortunately it’s not like Boston where roofs were collapsing under five feet of snow, but the local daily melt and nightly freeze conditions are causing leaks for some businesses.

Wellness Center Ceiling

Wellness Center Ceiling

Lamar Community College is not invulnerable to the weather, as the Wellness Center experienced some similar problems over the weekend.  Scheduled basketball games between the ‘Lopes teams and Eastern Wyoming were called off due to a leak in the southwestern section of the court.  By around 2:45pm on February 21st, the games were called off.  That also impacted the championship Frees and Threes high school competition, according to Judge Stan Brinkley from the Running Lopes Booster Club.

Chad DeBono, Vice President of Administrative Services at Lamar Community College stated that snow was removed from the roof area and the facilities department at the school has funneled the drainage away from the area.  As of Wednesday afternoon, practice was taking place on the court, so it appears to be ready for play.  DeBono added that all CHSAA playoff games scheduled for the Wellness Center are still on schedule as planned.

By Russ Baldwin

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