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Dear Editor:

With all the terror attacks being carried out around the world, why do I feel the Islamist terrorists are saving the big one for us?  It seems a majority of Americans are so passive and smug in their everyday lives that they don’t realize they can lose our freedom and way of life.  They need to realize we are at war and if jour President doesn’t admit the Islam terrorists are our enemy, we can lose this war.  Has horrific as 9-11 was, it could be small compared to what awaits us.  We have so many large targets if attacked could bring this country down.  I will name a few:  our electrical power grid, our nuclear power plants, our transportation systems, our food and water supplies.  Any of these are possible targets.  For those of us that have not heard of the Electro Magnetic Impulse bomb, if used can destroy any or all of the targets I mentioned above.

With Obama playing footsie and cozying up to Iran, we should be outraged.  I don’t think anyone knows how close Iran is from having the bomb except maybe Israel.  If Iran gets the bomb they will use it.  They have said so, many times.  Why is Obama so sympathetic to Muslims?  When I heard his anemic, ho-hum unemotional response speech of the horrific terror attack in Paris, I was not surprised.  He showed no defiance whatsoever.  I know he can be defiant because he shows it every chance he get against his political opposition, especially after the 2014 mid-term election.  Has anyone seen Obama show any animosity towards Muslims?  Could it be, oh surely not!  Obama needs to get it through his head we cannot win this war the Islamic terrorists have waged against us and the free world with defense only.  We need to go on the offensive and put boots on the ground and a lot of them.

Isn’t it ironic about the same time Obama is giving his response speech on the Paris attack; he is giving orders to release hard core terrorists from Guantanamo? These are the worst of the worst and once released will rejoin a terrorist group and attack us again.  Surely Obama must know this.  Does he care?  In essence he is supplying the enemy that is more intent on winning this war than we are.

Don Reyher
Wiley, CO

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