Lamar Toy Show Offers Unique Memorabilia

The old and new in toys and collectables drew a Saturday crowd at the Rodeway Cow Palace Inn this past Saturday, January 10.  The toy show was sponsored by the Prowers County Farm Bureau and offered items ranging from a metal desktop version of the Starship Enterprise, to old-time farm equipment, to 3-D laser printed assembly parts for brand new toys.

Chris Rundell, one of the organizers, said depending on the turnout, there may be a future toy show.  “We’re doing this mostly out of a labor of love for these things,” he explained, stating that as interest grows, more vendors and display items may be offered.  Many of the toys were new and still-in-the-box for sale and mostly dealing with semi and assorted trucks.  Others provided action hero collectables, such as Batman and Robin toys and games.  WW2 model airplanes were displayed next to Federation and Klingon warships and some displays were handmade woodcraft depicting feedlot pens and corrals.

There was a minimal $2 admissions fee and the display tables were sold for a nominal price for the vendors.  Rundell said there were no specific dates for a future show, and much of that would depend on the day long attendance.  Many onlookers stopped to check out the toys and toy parts that were produced from a 3-D digital printer.  The printer was not available for viewing, but very detailed and almost miniature toy parts were manufactured out of plans and construction materials submitted to a computer for downloading and delivery in a matter of days.  This reporter had a momentary Star Trek flashback to the ship’s ‘replicator’ that could deliver chicken noodle soup or a flagon of Romulan Ale on request.  This would be a good time to search the attic for your old Erector Sets, Lincoln Logs or Mr. Potato Head collection if another sale is scheduled.

By Russ Baldwin

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