Letter to the Editor: Common Core

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I want to thank the Concerned Citizens for Liberty Group for bringing Dr. Duke Pesta to Lamar to have the opportunity to hear his educational presentation on Common Core. I feel our government bribed all schools with Race to the Top funding, and in exchange they’d have to follow the new Common Core standards.  Wouldn’t you know schools would have to sign the contract before they would know what the new Common Core standards were.

In my eyes this is evil it its worst and what a shame to instill all this control of mandated date-mining of these precious lives that has nothing to do with education to me, but dictatorship.

Let our voices be heard and contact our legislators and Colorado Department of Education to put the pressure on to stand up for our children and the teachers who are passionate about their jobs and know what’s best to teach these children, but will no longer have that choice as educators.

As Dr. Duke Pesta says, the only standards that really work are effective teachers, committed parents and disciplined children. For all concerned citizens, parents and grandparents, you can view his most informative presentation by googling, “Brilliant Anti-Common Core” by Duke Pesta on youtube.  For more information you can go to freedomproject.com.


Valerie Emick
Hwy 287
Lamar, CO

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