Legos are a Library Hit


Legos for All

Legos for All

Youngsters between 3 and 12 years, dug into a table piled high with multi-colored, plastic building blocks know as legos, you know, those things you step on with your bare feet in the dark of night, when the kids haven’t put their toys away for the day.


This Goes into This, Goes into This Goes...

This Goes into This, Goes into This Goes…

That’s the adult description of the ubiquitous toys, so famous they have their own exposition and display at Walt Disney’s amusement park in Orlando, Florida, or the top-selling movie featuring lego superheroes and villains.  Most of the kids were just happy to have something to play with on a Saturday morning, as parents kept kids company and tried to follow directions to construct the perfect toy before the Saturday session at the Cultural Events Center, hosted by the Lamar Library, ended.

Steady, Steady, "Don't Move Mom"...Steady

Steady, Steady, “Don’t Move Mom”…Steady

Directions were included, so kids could scoop up all the legos they needed to complete their project as moms and dads gave some guidance and an assist to the younger set.  Some kids were just as happy as could be to see how high they could pile their toys, constructing a skyscraper that stayed up, only as long as ‘Mom’ held on to it.

A few of the older grownups in attendance flashed back to year’s old Christmas mornings, when they tore the wrapping paper off their very first Erector Set, or opened up a box of Tinker Toys or that cardboard cylinder that held a brand new Lincoln Log set.

By Russ Baldwin

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