Lamar VA Clinic is Open

New Clinic on South Main Street, Lamar

New Clinic on South Main Street, Lamar

The VA Medical Clinic is Lamar is officially open as of today, Monday, November 24, 2014.  The hours of operation will be Monday through Thursday from 7am to 5:30pm, according to Martha Martinez, Administrative Officer who is headquartered at the La Junta Clinic.  “We’ve been moving the equipment and files from the temporary trailer on West Highway 50 since Thursday,” she explained and added that the official grand opening of the clinic has been scheduled for mid December.

VA Mobile Medical Clinic

VA Mobile Medical Clinic

It’s been a long time in coming if you ask any area vet who has had to travel to clinics outside the Lamar area for medical treatment.  The temporary trailer was in operation for just over a year, a stop-gap location to serve the less severe needs of veterans once the clinic at Prowers Medical Center ceased operation in August of 2013.  There had been some preliminary plans for relocating the veteran’s center in the Prowers County Annex, but the VA decided to hold off until a new, permanent location could be decided upon.  The new clinic is located in the former Movie Gallery building on South Main Street.  Carrigan Excavating provided some of the local construction work in revamping the store space into the clinic, while the VA selected an often used, Pueblo-based contractor for the main work.

The clinic will be VA staffed with a registered nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse/MSA and a Nurse Practitioner on scheduled days for a continuity of care.  The assigned social worker will continue to provide mental health services on site and via telehealth per a designated schedule.

The telehealth system was displayed to area veterans over a year ago while the clinic was still located at Prowers Medical Center.  By use of a computer, a two-way video screen and camera and several attached diagnostic tools, a medical provider can interview and take live pictures of a patient and any specific areas of a body to help aid in a diagnosis and treatment.  An aid will assist with the device at the Lamar clinic, while a medical provider, who can ask live-time questions of the patient, will receive the information from another location in the state, or anywhere in the nation for that matter.  This new service will reduce the cost of travel, time and expenses associated with lengthy trips to Denver or Colorado Springs.  There will still be some situations, depending on the patient’s medical needs, where treatment will still be necessary at other VA medical facilities.

Additional information is available from Martha Martinez at 719-383-5101.

By Russ Baldwin

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