Baxter Black, Top Entertainment for Farm City Banquet

Baxter Black 11-15-14 (6)

“So what is it that you do for a living?” Johnny Carson asked Baxter Black when he was a guest on his late night show, back around 1984.  “Well sir, I speak at agricultural banquets,” Baxter Black replied, which, he said, left Johnny Carson somewhat perplexed.

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No one attending the annual Lamar Chamber Farm-City Banquet this past Saturday, November 15, had any doubts about Baxter Black or his intentions.  The former veterinarian who became one of the most well-known cowboy poets in the country, spoke to the majority of attendees at the Lamar Community Building on an eye-to-eye level, whether they were farmer, rancher or connected in some way to the agricultural economy of southeast Colorado.

Black recited some of his better known poems, such as the one about the Boston-bred lady describing how she enjoys her oysters raw, to the shivers of her cowboy dining companion who thought she was talking about the Rocky Mountain variety, to similar poems describing headers and heelers in team roping, ducks and horses, life among the feedlots and trains.  He also related how he measured prosperity in the ranching industry, “You know you’re doing okay when the number cows you have to sell to afford a pick-up holds steady for a number of years.”  He also related how amazing it was that in the agriculture field, it only takes 2% of the country’s population to feed all the rest of us.

It was pretty good feed for the evening, as District FFA members served a buffet style meal to a capacity crowd at the Lamar Community Building.  The proceeds help fund various school projects for all the members.  Those who opted out of the meal, but attended the evening’s entertainment, found a good seat in the stands to hear Black’s performance.  If anything, it became a night of selfies, as numerous residents, fans all, had their picture taken with Baxter Black as a keepsake.  His show has been a constant on KLMR since the early 1980s and Program Director, Ty Harmon, spent time with him prior to the evening’s performance, reminiscing about the days in which Ty’s father, Keith, had interviewed Black some years earlier.

Black with Tera Bender and Lisa Thomas

Black with Tera Bender and Lisa Thomas

Lisa Thomas, Lamar Chamber President, emceed the evening, relating chamber news including welcoming Kynlee Emick as the incoming president for 2015.  Chamber Secretary, Tera Binder, was the principal force in contacting and arranging for Baxter Black to host the annual event and she and Thomas thanked various sponsors for their help financing the evening, including the Prowers Lodging Tax Panel.

Best Carcass Winners

Best Carcass Winners

Pat Palmer had the honors of announcing the Best Carcass winners, remarking, “This particular part of the program must date back about 20 years or so, back to the early days of the ABCDE show held at the old LCC arena.”  The top five winners were Joel Souders, Cole Burns, Luke Rink, Tristan Travis and Sam Rink.

Josh Japhet

Josh Japhet

Josh Japhet, FFA President, presented the annual District FFA report and introduced the line up of officers.

By Russ Baldwin

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