Thrall Joins Lamar Utility Board


Judge Larry Stutler and Doug Thrall

Judge Larry Stutler and Doug Thrall


The Lamar Utility Board officer line-up was reorganized following the swearing-in of Doug Thrall to the board on Tuesday, September 30, by Judge Larry Stutler. Thrall’s appointment was confirmed the night before by the Lamar City Council for a full, five-year term.

There were no changes in the actual line-up as Mike Bryant remained the chairman by unanimous vote and Rick Beard became vice-chair, a position both members had held since the departure of former chairman David Anderson when his term expired earlier this summer. John Lefferdink remains the board’s attorney with Houssin Hourieh as Superintendent of the Lamar Light Plant.

Hourieh explained a recent concern with some of the Light Plant’s wind turbines which will be studied in detail. A padmount transformer was replaced on the T-1 turbine as the presence of oil was found in a recent dissolved gas analysis.  High levels of the dissolved gas may be present in other turbine transformers.  The T-1 is being shipped out for repairs and the T-2 turbine will follow upon the return of the T-1.

The LUB financial statements for August show that cash is up $128,962 from July and accounts receivable increased by $100,416. Year-to-Date comparisons with 2013 indicate that retail sales are up approximately $236,023 or 3% comparing August 2014 to 2013 and overall operating exprnses are down approximately $164,220 or 2% resulting in a net profit, YTD of $87,210.


Members approved a low bid purchase of $13,585.66 from a long time distributor for pole mounted distribution transformers.


The board moved into executive session regarding the Lamar Repowering Project, with the Light Plant’s ARPA representatives, Garth Nieschburg and John Sutherland present.

By Russ Baldwin


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