Letter to the Editor: Commissioner’s Actions on Hot Line

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October 1, 2014

Dear Editor:

We are pleased with the reversal of the decision by Marble and Schnabel to reject the implementation of a Child Abuse Hotline Call Center.   We question the tactics of shifting the call center away from those who directly worked to bring this to Prowers County and had the tools and resources in place to make it successful.   Why was our relationship with the State compromised by doing what was done in the meeting of September 19th?   The majority in attendance felt that the refusal to second a motion made by Buxton-Andrade to approve the contract was a move to retaliate against Buxton-Andrade who was directly involved in bringing this opportunity to Prowers County.    They declined an opportunity to call the State with questions or concerns with the contract.    The meeting ended with no mention that the contract would be considered at a later date.

In the Prowers Journal Schnabel referred to the citizens who attended the meeting as a “flash-mob” but should have respectfully referred to us as citizens and taxpayers which gave us the right to be there.   Schnabel made a statement about dealing with some situations because of the “specter of a recall”.    The specter of a recall is exactly why they reconvened and reversed their decision; if not, there are more questions that beg to be asked.   Citizens are increasingly concerned with the atmosphere of retaliation, mistrust, hostility and intimidation.

Why was Buxton-Andrade not included in the contract re-negotiations?   What changed to make Schnabel suddenly satisfied with the timeframe after stating 6-12 months was needed?   Due to many phone calls Marble was already defending their decision to shift management of the program to County Administrator, Jo Dorenkamp.   Was this the best possible decision for success of this project?

Elected officials are not entitled to their office but elected to serve and are charged with acting in the best interests of citizens.   This is why consideration has been given to a recall of Schnabel.

Ron Cook is coming on board in January and we don’t want a recall to overshadow what we believe will be a positive future.     With the strong leadership of Buxton-Andrade and Cook we look forward to a positive future.   We challenge Schnabel to get on board.

A Coalition of Concerned Citizens will be formed and present in more conversations regarding the future of Prowers County.   We will make you accountable, we are concerned and we are watching.


Rose Ann & Robert Yates
Lamar, Colorado

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