Goodbye, Valley Grocery-Letter to the Editor

Valley Grocery in Hasty, CO

Valley Grocery in Hasty, CO

Hasty, Colorado lost a landmark on September 1st, 2014; Valley Grocery closed its doors to the public. But though the store and all the convenience it provided us for so many years will be a large loss for our town, it is not the true loss for our community; Colleen Piatt, the true “Valley Grocery”, leaves an unfillable, very special void in our lives.  It is she who will be missed the most, for many reasons.  But mostly because… she is Colleen Piatt.


Colleen has been the backbone of Hasty for many years, and I’m sure will continue to bless us all with her kindness, thoughtfulness, beauty and Love in other, less publicly visible ways. 


Her creation of Hasty Daze entertained a multitude of people for several years.  Though she has stepped down from its leadership, the event will continue.  Her legacy will follow through each of us as we attend this amazing event that brings in people from all over, as well as local residents.  We will all enjoy a full day of memories made…with fun, interaction, tasty morsels of unimaginable varieties, and of course – dancing under the moonlight at the end of the day.


Colleen’s strength is perennial, as is her large heart that touches us all, sooner or later. When a remarkable snowstorm hit us several years ago and most of us were stuck at home, Colleen was out and about before the day was over, delivering necessities from her store to those of us in need. The list of her interaction and participation as a strong member of the Hasty community could go on for paragraphs; suffice it to say – Colleen will be missed – by all of us who live here, and many others as well.


I sat at the store as she closed her doors tonight for the final time.  She handed me a rose.  That truly is a ‘Colleen’ gesture, pleasing others, thinking of everyone but herself.  I will treasure that rose…press it into my diary forever.  I will always remember Colleen as the ‘Rose’ of a lady that she is, and continues to be to all whom she touches. 


Now, maybe, she can relax and take life a bit easier.  She deserves it.  Thank you Colleen, for everything.  Charlie would be proud…


Danielle Simone

Hasty, CO

September 1, 2014

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