Lamar Citizens Presented with Congressional Recognition Awards by Congressman Gardner

Queena Domburian Receiving her Citizenship Letter

Queena Domburian Receiving her Citizenship Letter


U.S. Congressman Cory Gardner’s campaign tour through southeast Colorado included an awards presentation this past Friday, August 15, at the Rodeway Cow Palace Inn.  Gardner presented Queena Domburian a U.S. Citizenship Certificate and Rex Davis was presented with the Prowers County Conservationist of the Year Award which was read into the Congressional Records.

Queena Domburian took her citizenship oath in February of this year and Gardner presented her with an official Citizen’s Certificate and letter of appreciation from Congress.   The letter read in part, “Congratulations on this prestigious and honorable event.  Prowers County is blessed to have a citizen who loves her town and her country.  America has gained a citizen and the community has gained a great friend.”  Domburian was given a party on her citizenship this past winter by Voices of Southeast Colorado which was attended by her sister, Elizabeth, friends and Voices members.

Rex Davis Presented with Conservationist Award

Rex Davis Presented with Conservationist Award

Gardner also read from the U.S. Congressional Record for the award presented to Rex Davis.  He explained that the official Record tracks the day’s proceedings, hearings, sessions, statements and debates made for each day.  This particular day for Davis was July 9, 2014 when his award was read into the Record for the 113th Congress, Second Session.

Gardner said the document listed Davis’ ownership and stewardship of 298 irrigated farm acres in Prowers County, maintaining environmental quality programs and a conservation stewardship program since 2007.  The letter listed that his practices has made his acreage sustainable for years to come through: a water control structure, gated pipe, irrigation systems, pest management and a sprinkler irrigation reservoir.  For these and other environmental concerns, Garder said, Davis was honored as the 2013 Prowers County Conservationist of the Year.

By Russ Baldwin

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