City Receives North Gateway Park Grant

Standing Water at North Gateway Park

Standing Water at North Gateway Park

The City of Lamar’s grant application for funding for North Gateway Park improvements has been approved, but City Administrator John Sutherland and Parks and Recreation Director, Rick Akers said it will take several months before the City of Lamar receives funding for the Fishing for Fun grant.  Lamar was one of several Colorado communities that had applied for a portion of the $300,000 available in a grant cycle, receiving $48,000, according to David Miller, Department of Parks and Wildlife Technician.  He said it was just a few thousand dollars less than had been requested and will not hinder any development plans.  The City of Lamar submitted an application this past spring for park improvement projects.

Grading Work at Erosion Area at Park

Grading Work at Erosion Area at Park

Some of the funding has been allocated to construct a permanent rest room facility at the park site, as well as a handicapped accessible floating dock that can be used for fishing.  Some erosion has occurred from the recent heavy rains and river flooding this past July, but Miller said that can be turned to a good and instructive use.  “We now have a better idea where to position any future permanent structures around the first pond from high water marks and there are plans to construct a concrete dip which will channel any overflow out of the first pond,” he explained.  Visitors to the park have noted that there was considerable erosion that occurred between the first and second pond, located to the east, a site this past spring that was planted with several hundred small seedling trees and shrubs.

Miller said there was some erosion in that area due to the higher waters, but most of the plants survived and received a decent soaking beyond what the city has been doing with its regular watering schedule for the acreage.  Sutherland said City Public Works Director, Pat Mason, is working on plans for the water flow connection which will allow vehicle traffic to pass over.

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