Letter to the Editor: Canyons and Plains: What Now?

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You have seen and heard the overwhelming majority of people and the unmistakable rallying against a NHA designation for southeast Colorado at all the meetings held throughout the counties.  Here is a quote you of Canyons and Plains have out in your own literature telling what it takes to bring about a NHA designation.

Quote, “The feasibility study will assess support (author’s emphasis) for the creation of the Heritage Area.”  We feel at this point in order to prove your truthfulness and that you weren’t just trying to deceive all the people of southeast Colorado, you have no choice but to demonstrate  your honesty and sincerity, and that you are indeed a part of the good folks in this corner of the state by abandoning your push for the NHA.

We would much rather be able to drop this confrontation and get rid of the albatross around our necks and get on with our lives than to continue.  In the plans if we must continue, are having a giant rally against the NHA with big name politicians speaking out against the NHA designation, nationally known entertainment to draw people in, some nationally known person from one of the many freedom/property rights organizations who has “been there done that” with the NHA, big town reporters from newspapers, tv, radio, and try to get national coverage.

Also in the plans world mean public access to the feasibility study (to see if it parallels the feelings of the people) and everything written in by whatever means it takes to accomplish this before it goes up the pipeline, and if it has already arrived, public access at its destination.

Canyons and Plains:  We ask you to show us you have the right mettle in your heart by not subjecting your friends and neighbors who own property or land to the possibility of loosing even a small portion of their freedoms to do as they see fit with their own place either in the present or ten years down the road.  It is very disturbing and disheartening to think that one American neighbor, for their own monetary benefit would do such a thing to another American neighbor.  We ask you now Canyons and Plans, to please do to the right thing.



Marvin Hasser
Hasty, CO
Member:  SCPPRC (Southeast Colorado Private Property Rights Council)

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