Lamar Utility Board Notes Slight Revenue Drop, Customer Base

Lamar Repowering Project

Lamar Repowering Project

The Board’s monthly System Operating Report notes that sales of electricity throughout the month of May have declined 2% and revenues have increased by 2.35%.  The customer base of Lamar Light and Power showed that there has been a reduction of 37 accounts.  That change is reflected on all rate classes when compared to the same period in 2013.  Total operating revenues for Lamar Light and Power, year to date are $3,074,459 with costs at $2,442,972 for a gross profit of $631,487.  Net profit, year to date is $62,466 once non-operating revenues and expenses are factored into the figures.

The May Utility Revenue Report for electricity, sewer fees, trash and water shows a healthy increase for water usage comparing May 2014 to 2013, a growth of 131.84% with May 2014 revenues at $305,118, compared to last year at $131,609 for a gain of $173,509.  Year to Date water revenues is up 39.77% for a gain of $187, 811.  That’s comparing 2014 figures of $660,008 to last year at this time of $472,197.  Sewer and Trash revenues have fallen off slightly on a monthly comparison between 2014 and 2013, as well as year to date.  Sewer collections for 2014 are $197,815 and $199,649 for last year.  Trash is down 2.64% with $434,808 collected for 2014 and $446,587 for 2013.

Residential electric meters for May 2014 are 2,761 with 2013 at 2,799.  City Commercial sales are 538 to 537 respectively.  Rural electric meters are stable comparing the two years at 134 for 2014 and 135 for last year.

Trash collection customers closely reflect electric customers with 3,904 for 2014 and 3,939 for 2013.  Sewer customers are more numerous for 2014 at 3,279 compared to 2013 with 3,322.  The number of water meters is at 3,433 for this year and 3,471 for 2013.

By Russ Baldwin

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