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“Common Core!”  Have your heard about it?  I didn’t pay too much attention at first, but there has been so much controversary that I finally had to.  First, I heard how bad it was, then it became to prevalent in schools, that surely it couldn’t be too bad.  So, I began to delve into it.

I fanally went into a web site,  It is supposed to tell what the Common Core was supposed to accomplish.  I read letters from teachers saying that learning was no longer going to be superficial and not just rote learning.  Students were going to learn the “Why” of things.  Why two plus two was four, why we put periods at the end of sentences, etc..  I guess… I really wanted to see an example but hadn’t found it yet, so I looked further.  (I heard two stories about problems solved in match using this new method.  The method was right, but the answer was wrong.)  I saw a bunch of bright pictures talking about arthritis and liver problems.  I wasn’t that interested in them.  THEN, one link really took my eye.  “Arrests in Lamar, Colorado!”

So I looked it up. ALL I had to do was put in someone’s name and it would tell me all about them.  SO, I put in my name.  It listed all the Mary Weimers it knew about and I chose me!.  It listed a few of my relatives and made me promise I would use this information wisely, because it would be rather graphic.  But, before I could know about all this, I had to give them a credit card number, which I didn’t do, so never got to know all the graphic details of my life.  What does all this have to do with Common Core?

I then went to a different web site that gave me recommended reading for Common Core students.  On page one it proclaimed, “CONTROVERSY AND PORN PERVADE COMMON CORE CURRICULUM’.  I soon found out what that meant.  One book recommended was “The Bluest Eye” described like this, “A disturbing tale..father rapes daughter, told from the father’s point of view, graphically disturbing and disgusting.’  Another “Black Swan Green” a 13 year old boy describing his father’s genitals.”  “Dreaming in Cuba” by Christina Garcia ‘sexually explicit, anti-Americanism”..Read in class and every student had a copy.  There were more.  You can find them on ‘recommended reading for Common Core.’

Are you sick yet?  Next thing I did was to look up the meaning of common in the dictionary, which I shall quote, “common- sharing by or belonging to all, or to several; public; general; ordinary; usual, frequent, VULGAR; inferior; of LITTLE VALUE; of low social status; a tract of land belonging to a community.”  Now, which of these terms describes your precious child, grandchild, etc.?  ( I wonder if the public servant who wants to change the constitution will insist the dictionary be changed too.)

I have shared this today with a number of friends. One told of her grandson in school being given what she considered pornography on which to make reports.  One woman told that her son was considered “gifted and talented” and had been in that program in school.  This program is now cancelled.  Why should we no longer think that we would like to do “just a little better” than ordinary?  Is that now a sin?

Now, I would like to quote from a book that has been banned in schools.  The Holy Bible.  Phillipians 4:8 “Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable.  If anything is excellent or praiseworthy, think about such things.”

One again, what do you want for your descendants?

Mary Weimer North 11th Street
Lamar, Co  81052

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