PMC Board Renews Quorum Contract



“The past two years has made the difference in this decision,” said Candy Ruedeman, Prowers Medical Center board chairman, referring to the new three year agreement the hospital has made with its consulting firm, Quorum Health Resources.  She added that the board and management of the hospital have worked on the renewal contract at some length before Wednesday’s unanimous vote.  She added that ‘due diligence’ had been done in making this decision.  Board member Ronnie Farmer said several other consulting firms had been reviewed, but QHR showed every indication to maintaining the company’s efforts for continuous training programs for PMC staff.  Farmer added that there was a concern that other firms had expressed interest in purchasing the hospital, but board members felt that there was the potential for the hospital to be closed if it did not show the margin of profit required by a new owner.  Farmer said that would not be the case with Quorum which has been a long term consultant for PMC.  A non-appropriation clause will be added to the contract with a provision for a mid-point contract buy-out for the hospital.   

CEO, Craig Loveless, noted that he and Dr. Ray are scheduled to travel to CSU on April 9 as part of a long range, rural scholarship plan to recruit physicians to commit to employment at Prowers Medical Center while still attending med school.  Loveless said earlier in the year, the initial process will take about seven years to achieve for the first round of graduates, but once established, the project will continue on an annual basis.  He mentioned that potential hires will come to Lamar in the near future, specifically to get a feel for the community first, and the hospital second.  Loveless commented that about one third of the design for the building site plan is completed and the PMC website will begin to post updates on progress being made to future hospital renovations and funding sources. 

Karen Bryant, hospital COO, remarked on the improved walkway that surrounds the medical complex and offered thanks for Rick Akers, City Parks and Recreation Director, and city crews that repaved the half mile pathway.  She said employees from High Plains Community Health Center and Southeast Mental Health have been making use of the course as well as contributed to its upkeep.  Bryant said the watering system still needs repair and some signs need to be posted to keep bicycles and motorized vehicles off the path.  She added that it will be in use for the hospital’s annual spring sprint in May and future plans include planted trees and some picnic tables. 

Constance Brase and Matthew Snyder

Constance Brase and Matthew Snyder


Chairman Ruedeman closed the public meeting stating that two new board members were in attendance for the March 26 session, Constance Brase and Matthew Snyder.  She said their terms of office will begin in May, replacing herself and Marge Campbell on the board.  Ruedeman said her term as a board member offered satisfaction in the accomplishments she had witnessed at the hospital.  She added, “It took a lot of hard work to get elected to the board, a lot of hard work to stay on the board and a lot of hard work to be a board member.”

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