How Do You Want to ENVISION LAMAR?

 City of Lamar 2013

Since this past November, the City of Lamar has added a new feature on the city’s webpage called Envision Lamar.  Citizens can voice their ideas and opinions by answering four questions about city improvements using their internet.  The responses will be noted by city officials including City Administrator John Sutherland, Main Street Program Director Shawna Hodge, Roberto Becerril Planning and Community Development Director and Rick Akers from the city’s Park and Recreation Department. 

The four questions asked in the current anonymous survey are:  What design changes would you like to see along Lamar’s Main Street..ideas that would calm the traffic flow and improve the aesthetics; programs you’ve attended at the Lamar Library…what is your favorite and what are your ideas for future library programs or activities; what’s your favorite place in the city, tell us about it (interactive map displayed) and what’s your big idea for the future of Lamar? 

Residents have only until mid March for responses to some of these questions, while others are open for several months.  Residents can enter a few simple questions to sign up to post an entry, either through facebook, twitter, email or other general social media outlets.  City Administrator John Sutherland said just under 200 persons had registered to offer their suggestions, but more are welcomed as long as the questionnaire is set up.  “We have the ability to introduce new questions to the citizens as we go through the year and come up with new aspects of community development, especially for Main Street and the downtown area.  We really want to hear from our citizens and this is one more way they can voice their ideas and opinions.”  Sutherland added that it only takes a few minutes to access the Envision link at the city website, which is

By Russ Baldwin


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