Where Was My TV Service, Where Were the Broncos!

football“Why won’t the picture on my TV move?!?”  That was the lament voiced by area residents who subscribe to Cablevision Systems Corporation, or Charter Communications, Sunday morning, February 2.  Fears of not being able to watch the Broncos crush the Seahawks in Super Bowl 48 permeated any number of households Sunday morning as the company was barraged by phone calls and Facebook had one of its busiest Sunday mornings, lodging complaints and rumors alike. 

“Well I heard the company decided to kill communications to force all their delinquent customers to pay up,” was one of the rumors that were being spread around.  But that would be like Coca Cola executives deliberately making New Coke taste so awful, that customers would buy more of the regular product just to have something that tastes good again.  Cablevision also had problems with its internet provider service on Sunday with some rumors being passed along that the company had equipment problems when it attempted to deliver a speedier network program.  Phone calls were made Sunday to friends and relations asking, “Do you have cable or Dish or anything like that?  Is your TV working at all, can we come over and watch the game with you?”

Service was restored before the game, but for Bronco fans, relief gave way to dismay as the Seahawks continued to roll up the points.  Viewers who were so desperate in the morning for TV service for the Super Bowl were having second thoughts about watching the rest of the game even before halftime.  “Whuh-oh’s” were voiced by a lot of Bronco fans in the first three seconds of the game when Manning watched the football go whizzing by his head on the first snap.  Having a Denver player fall on the ball for a loss of two points, was a lot better than the alternative, and that may have been the best defensive play of the game for the Broncos, compared to what followed. 

So, just what happened technically, that made the TV picture lock up on dozens and dozens of channels for Cablevision Systems?  As of this article, a phone call to the company’s regional media representative has not been returned.  It has been noted that this ‘freezing’ of the TV screen has occurred several times since the summer and hasn’t gone away with Sunday being an indicator.  Charter customers can make their concerns made known, if not through the local telephone number, then at a public hearing that has been set for March 24 at the Lamar City Council chambers.  Cablevision Systems Corporation has a franchise contract with the city which expires on September 13, 2014.  Any public input would be welcomed by council members.

By Russ Baldwin


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