Fridays with Basketball

Where do you go on a chilly Friday morning, if you’re a kid and there’s no school and mom and dad are telling you to get out of the house? A good start is the Lamar Community Building between 10am and Noon.

Paul Moss, Lamar Community College JV Basketball Coach and several of his players are volunteering their time, helping young boys and girls get some exercise, have fun playing various basketball skill sets and enjoy some friendly competition on the ball court. Recreation Coordinator, Matt Neuhold, said, “We expected about ten to fifteen kids would show up, as we planned this with just word of mouth coverage at some of the schools.” The first Friday, January 24, 73 students were on hand for the activities. Some of the kids came in from the HOPE Center, some from Alta Vista Charter School and just other students in general in the district.

Most of the ages run from 8 or 9, up to early teens. The college had about ten volunteers to help coordinate the games and there were around 20 parents and relatives in the stands, watching the kids work up a sweat, learning how to pass a basketball from behind their back or dribble between their legs on a turn. Neuhold said Rick Akers, Parks and Rec Director, decided not to charge the kids the standard $2 fee for using the basketball court. He added that the cold weather is probably driving some of the kids to the community building, but all of them are having fun. Neuhold added that the program’s duration is opened ended at this point and the LCC basketball team is on board to volunteer their time. “As long as the kids keep showing up, we’ll be here for them on Fridays,” he said.

By Russ Baldwin

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