Letter to the Editor: Trucker’s Viewpoint on the Proposed Reliever Route

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Editor’s Note:  This is a reply to the letter regarding the proposed Reliever Route, submitted by Karl Nieschburg  in The Prowers Journal on September 19, 2013 

September 28, 2013
Mr. Nieschburg,   

Today I read your Letter to the Editor concerning the Lamar Reliever Route.  I’m parked in my favorite spot here at Love’s Truck Stop.  Although I am an “18 wheeler” driver, I come to town in a very slow, quiet, manner, as do a large majority of my fellow truck drivers.  I have a Monday morning delivery in Denver, but I like to rest up here in Lamar.   

Today I will drop $500 in the Love’s cash box for fuel.  Another $20 across the street at Pizza Hut and about $25 at the laundry mat two blocks down.  (I really enjoy their new machines.) I could use some antifreeze and fuses which I can buy at O’Reillys.  That’s another $25.  But if you have your way, you will build a “Reliever Route” around your little town.  And since I don’t do “U-turns”, I will continue on to Limon or if I have to, Denver.  It is there that I will spend my money. 

So Karl, as you’re buying your goods in your nice, quiet shopping area, (goods I must remind you, a noisy, speeding 18 wheeler brought to your store), I will be resting up and spending my money elsewhere.  Leaving you to enjoy your sleepy little Lamar far away from those “noisy, speeding 18 wheelers. 

Mike Lujan
Kaltenbrun Road
Houston, Tx 77086


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