Food Vendors Needed for Pedal the Plains

Lamar Chamber of Commerce

The Lamar Chamber of Commerce is reminding area civic groups they have until August 30 to register to be a food vendor for the September Pedal the Plains event coming to Lamar. 

Chamber office manager, Bobbi Ketels, said to qualify for a vendor license, only one member of a civic group needs to attend a free training video on proper food handling procedures which can be viewed at the chamber offices.  Individuals may register as well.  A sign up form allows participants to indicate if they want to provide a lunch or dinner on September 20 or breakfast on the 21st, or all three meals.  The form also has a recommendation on how many meals should be prepared by the group given the needs of the 1,000 bicyclists who will be arriving in Lamar for their Friday and Saturday stay.  It’s expected that several hundred additional support staff will need to be fed, as well as the general public. 

The Pedal the Plains organizers have divided their ridership into two classifications of eaters, those who are ‘Granola Heads’ and prefer meals which offer complex carbohydrates such as whole grain granolas, fruits and vegetarian based sandwiches and meals.  The other group, termed the ‘Human Disposals’, are more meat and ‘taters’ oriented.  The information sheet provides a menu of food items that has the most appeal to both groups. 

Participants will be set up in two locations for access to the riders, along East Beech Street and surrounding Savage Stadium and the Lamar Community Building.  Several streets will be closed to traffic, but public parking will allow for set up space for food preparation and sales. 

Call the Lamar Chamber of Commerce at 719-336-4379 for additional information and registration forms.

By Russ Baldwin


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