Colorado Fishing Report for August 13, 2013

Photo Courtesy of Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Photo Courtesy of Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Fishing Report upgrades: new tools added
This week, and for the foreseeable future, we will be linking as many fishing locations as possible in both the stocking report and the fishing report to our interactive Fishing Atlas. The Fishing Atlas provides a host of information, including driving directions, stocking details, and locations of the nearest license retailer. To use this resource, click on the provided link, and the atlas will open in a separate window. Once the atlas is open, you can zoom in or out, or click on the location to display detailed information. Feel free to play around with the options on the far left of the atlas for other types of information and displays. Any questions or feedback are greatly appreciated. Contact us at Thanks, from the fishing report crew.

Check out Colorado Parks and Wildlife fishing videos
This week, we’ve got a video with fishing tips for the fall: fishing with quills and duns. For more videos, visit our video page, or check out the next video in the “Fly Fishing Colorado” series.

Heavy rains boost recreation in Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area
Recent heavy rains in the mountain valleys surrounding the Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area and a continued release of water as part of the Voluntary Flow Management Program have boosted water flows for whitewater boating on the Arkansas River. The rains have recharged the local drainages, and good whitewater conditions should continue through at least mid-August. Along with creating very good conditions for rafting, kayaking and other types of whitewater boating all along the Arkansas River, it has also created favorable conditions for anglers, as water temperatures have remained cool providing less stressful conditions on the fishery.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife to release water from Two Buttes Dam
After a major rain event on Wednesday, Aug. 7, initiated a dramatic rise in water levels, Colorado Parks and Wildlife is releasing water from the Two Buttes Reservoir. Many years ago, the Division of Water Resources, Office of the State Engineer, Dam Safety Branch placed a restriction on the Two Buttes Dam, which is classified as a High Hazard Dam. At that time, a 20-foot storage restriction was put in place by the State Engineer’s office due to safety concerns downstream based on the spillway adequacy to pass the required Inflow Design Flood. This restriction provides storage space in the reservoir to help prevent the dam from overtopping and failing in an extreme flood event, which would help alleviate potential dangers to the residents living downstream of the dam, including the town of Holly. Due to the storage restriction, the agency is legally obligated to release any water above 20 feet as soon as possible. The agency intends to maintain reservoir levels as high as possible within the restriction. The lake will not be drained. In addition, Colorado Parks and Wildlife is currently attempting to gather the funds to continue repairs to the outlet structure and rehabilitation of the dam so that Two Buttes Reservoir can be returned to the originally intended 46-foot depth. 

Hayden Meadows undergoes in-stream repairs
Stream restoration and enhancement work on the far upper end of the Arkansas River has caused some murky water as heavy equipment is utilized to embed boulders and timbers into the bed and banks of Hayden Meadows. This in-stream work, though ahead of schedule, will continue into October. The geology of the area is such that water quality impacts have not been noticeable below the Lake Creek confluence. As the work progresses downstream, more of this section will be open and fishable upstream of the equipment. Work will resume next spring but will consist of land-based riparian operations, with no anticipated impacts to water quality.

Stocking Report
The following waters were recently stocked with catchable (approximately 10″) trout:

Metro Denver
Georgetown Lake Georgetown
Northeast Region
Estes Lake Estes Park
Northwest Region
Big Creek Lake, Lower Jackson County; 7 miles southwest of Pearl
Camp Hale Pond Eagle County; 8 miles south of Red Cliff
Cowdrey Lake Jackson County; 8 miles north of Walden
Dillon Reservoir Dillon
Hahn’s Peak Lake Routt County; 5 miles north of Steamboat Lake State Park
Lost Man Reservoir Pitkin County; 14 miles southeast of Aspen
Maroon Lake Pitkin County; 11 miles southwest of Aspen
Meadow Lake Garfield County; 21 miles south of Buford
Sleepycat Ponds Rio Blanco County; 16 miles southeast of Meeker
Teal Lake Jackson County; 13 miles west of Coalmont
Tiago Lake Jackson County; 12 miles west of Coalmont
Trent Pond Silverthorne
Williams Fork Reservoir Grand County; south of Parshall
Southeast Region
Cottonwood Lake Chaffee County; 10 miles southwest of Buena Vista
Mt. Elbert Forebay Lake County; north of Twin Lakes
North Fork Reservoir Chaffee County; 11 miles northwest of Maysville
Trinidad Reservoir Trinidad Lake State Park
Turquoise Lake Leadville
Southwest Region
Carp Lake near Grand Mesa
Mix Lake Platoro
Pothole Lake #1 (Lower) Gunnison County; 8 miles north of Taylor Park
Pothole lake #2 (Upper) Gunnison County; 9 miles north of Taylor Park
Road Canyon Reservoir Hinsdale County; 26 miles southwest of Creede
Roaring Judy Ponds North of Almont
San Cristobal Lake Hinsdale County; south of Lake City
San Juan River #2 Archuleta County; Pagosa Spgs to E&W Fork San Juan
San Juan River, East Fork Archuleta County; San Juan R #2, S/Wolf Cr Pass
Spring Creek Reservoir Gunnison County; 20 miles west of Taylor Park
Taylor Reservoir Taylor Park
Vallecito Reservoir Vallecito
Ward Creek Reservoir Southwest of Grand Mesa
West Fork Lakes (2) Mineral County; 17 miles northeast of Pagosa Springs

Conditions Report – Southeast Colorado

Adobe Creek Reservoir/Blue Lake (Kiowa and Bent Counties)
Fishing for catfish from shore has been good using a variety of baits. Anglers have also had success using trot lines for catfish. The boat ramp is still usable at Blue Lake.

Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area/Arkansas River (Lake, Chaffee and Fremont Counties)
Here’s an update from Greg at ArkAnglers: “The Arkansas River remains stable and clear with 106 CFS in Hayden Meadows, 515 CFS at Granite, and 690 CFS at Wellsville. The dramatic increase in flows between Hayden and Granite is the result of releases from Twin Lakes for recreational flow augmentation, scheduled for curtailment in a ramping down of releases starting Thursday. By Monday, the river should be at native flow levels, probably between 300 and 400 CFS at Wellsville. Meanwhile, fishing continues to be excellent river-wide with strong response to hoppers, foam attractors, caddis, red quills and streamers. As the water drops, wade anglers will find the river to be much more accessible though skilled float fishermen should still be able to negotiate many sections of the river.”

Brush Hollow Reservoir (Fremont County)
The water level has come up just a little; however, the boat ramp is still inaccessible. Fishing has been good for bluegill and a small number of bass have been reported being caught. The area around the shoreline is pretty muddy with the recent rains.

Clear Creek Reservoir (Chaffee County)
Clear Creek Reservoir boat ramp is open Thursday through Monday, 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Here is an update from Jerry Hornbuckle: “The past two weeks the fishing at Clear Creek Reservoir were not only worse than bad, they were even worse than that. There were several days that rain chased everyone away, and in only one of those did the fish bite during the rainstorm. That day, a few brave stalwarts stood soaking wet in a torrential downpour but catching fish, unlike the other days when sunny skies and mild temperatures produced nothing. The big news in this period was that a 41-inch tiger muskie was landed by one fisherman, and two others were hooked but not landed. A ‘Dynamic’ lure similar to a Rapala caught the one; one of those ‘hooked’ but not landed was attracted to a large version of something similar to a ellow Sally’ spinner lure normally used for largemouth and smallmouth Bass. In this case it grabbed one of the spinners but held it for only two or three seconds. In the midst of all those fish that weren’t caught, several kokanee were boated by fishermen trolling in the longer branch of the reservoir. It’s approaching that time before they spawn that their feeding frenzy makes fishing for them great fun. From shore, PowerBait caught some fish but for two people to catch their limit, if they were one of the lucky few that did, it took three hours or more. The usual lures that can ordinarily catch trout were generally not very productive, and even worms and flies of various patterns were disappointing. One of the only two bright spots were that many people reported seeing large numbers of fish either visually in the upper shallow end of the lake, or in deeper waters on fish finders. So the fish are there: they’re just not biting anything. The other bright spot was fishing with dry flies along the south shore, or in the southwest corner. There were also, however, some second hand reports of good fishing from shore with PowerBait on the Northwest corner along “the beach,” but no first hand reports of this were received. With respect to the fishing all we can say is, ‘Wait’ll next week!'”

DeWeese Reservoir (Custer County)
No recent reports.

Lake Henry (Crowley County)
Henry Lake is closed to fishing and all other wildlife-related recreation.

John Martin Reservoir State Park (Bent County)
The stilling basin and the Arkansas River below the dam have produced large catfish, saugeye and striper using minnows and worms. White bass and wiper are being caught by the dozens out of the reservoir on jigs, minnows, crawfish, and shrimp. Drum, bluegill, carp, and walleye have also been caught in the reservoir, but with varying frequency. As the chad spawn continues, fish will begin to move to deeper and darker locations on the lake, further from shorelines. Please be mindful of all regulations concerning size and creel limits. Good Luck!

Lake Pueblo State Park (Pueblo County)
Let it rain! The (much needed) moisture here at Lake Pueblo has been putting a damper on some of the fishing, but it sure hasn’t been slowing the fish down. Reports are in and the fishing here remains hot! Wiper, catfish and bass have all been enjoying a little cool down in the reservoir. The Arkansas River has been dropped down to lower levels, but the fishing is going up! The trout in the river are now more receptive to dry flies and lures in the mornings and evenings and sub surface action during the hot part of the days. Anticline and Valco ponds continue to fish well, including during the evening hours. As always please continue to follow the rules and regulations regarding method of take and bait use while on the river. If you have any questions please stop in at our visitor center or ask a ranger on the park. Tight lines everyone!

Lathrop State Park, Martin Lake and Horseshoe Lake (Huerfano County)
The fishing report remains much the same from previous weeks with the trout in deeper water on Horseshoe, they can still be caught mostly on Horseshoe in about 20 to 25 feet of water using worms. A recent catch of the day was a very large saugeye, caught on Horseshoe. The carp are still providing a fun catch along the south shore of Horseshoe. Horseshoe has seen a large amount of catfish pulled out, and this should continue as the weather warms up. No reports of northern pike, or muskie or bass lately. This is a reminder though that if you are fishing overnight, you must be actively fishing, and not camping on shore.

Lake Meredith (Crowley County)
Meredith Reservoir is closed to fishing and all other wildlife-related recreation.

Mt. Elbert Forebay (Lake County)
This past week at Mt. Elbert Forebay, fishing, under rainy conditions, was slow. During the morning, a few anglers landed rainbow trout on worms and PowerBait near the northern part of the reservoir. The outlet of the reservoir was less productive when compared to the catch rate of the northern part of the reservoir. Anglers fishing near the outlet of the reservoir normally experience tremendous success on either Gulp salmon eggs, pink PowerBait, or worms. Midday water surface temperatures were in the low 60s.

Nee Gronde Reservoir (Kiowa County)
No recent reports.

Rampart Reservoir (El Paso County)
The U.S. Forest Service opened the reservoir to shoreline anglers and hand launched watercraft on May 24. The road across the dam is now open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays and Sunday. It will not be open during the week. Motorized boats are not allowed across the dam and cannot be launched from the boat ramp. Fishing has been fair for rainbow trout and cutbows.

Turquoise Lake (Lake County)
Water level has been stable for several weeks, but the August doldrums have set in and the catch rate has dropped to slow. Catch rate from boats is a little better than shore. Catching seems to improve a little during and right after rains showers.

Trinidad Lake State Park (Las Animas County)
Trinidad Lake is approximately 465 surface acres and the surface temperature is in the low to mid 70s. The water is murky due to the recent heavy rainfall. We are seeing some catfish are on chicken liver. A few trout are still being caught on PowerBait. Anglers are reminded to check the regulations for bass and walleye. With all the recent rainfall, a lot of debris has washed into the lake. Conditions at the boat ramp are changing almost hourly. Please use caution and watch for hazards when launching, loading and boating on the lake.

Twin Lakes Reservoir (Lake County)
Under rainy conditions, fishing from shore at Twin Lakes Reservoir this past week was slow. Midday fishing near the power plant has been unproductive. However, fishing at dusk or dawn near the power plant with lures can be very productive. Near the Whistler Point fishing access, rainbow trout were taking Elk Hair Caddis but shunned bait completely. At the Dexter Point boat ramp, shore anglers landed a few rainbow trout on PowerBait. No one reported catching a fish at the upper lake. Midday water surface temperatures were in the low 60s.


Conditions Report – Metro Denver Area

Aurora Reservoir (City of Aurora)
Aurora Reservoir is open to boating. Water temperature is 70 degrees. All watercraft must be inspected prior to launch in the lower parking lot at the entrance of the boat ramp. This includes all hand launched watercraft. Trout fishing is fair to good at this time from the dam using PowerBait and crawlers casted out deep using a slip rig. Some nice size trout from one to three pounds are being caught! Boaters have been doing fair to good trolling with various spoons and crawlers. Walleye action is slow to fair trolling with bottom bouncers and trolling near the weed lines with swim baits. Most are undersize but we have been seeing some keepers caught. Shore fishing for walleye is fair using leeches off a slip float fished shallow and swim baits. Perch action is fair to good using jigs tipped with worms. Slow on all other species. Restricted to electric motors only. For more information call 303-690-1286. Park hours for August are 5:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Arvada Reservoir (City of Arvada)
Fishing remains fair with catches of all species. Water level is remaining steady and the temperature is on the rise. People reporting the best success are fishing deep with worms and orange PowerBait. In boats small jigs near the bottom are working best. For the early morning fly fisherman try a hopper-dropper combination. A good combination is a Madam-X or some type of stimulator on top and a hare’s ear or copper john as the dropper and be patient.

Barr Lake State Park (Adams County)
Water levels are continuing to drop, which means there is lots of shoreline fishing available; trout and largemouth bass are being caught from shore with worms. Trolling the buoy line or along the dam works well for walleye; there were still some very nice walleye and wiper being caught. Water temp is approximately 73 degrees. Blue-green algae blooms often occur in water bodies with high levels of nutrients, such as phosphorus and nitrogen. Low water or flow, and warm temperatures are contributing factors.This algae bloom gives the water a green hue. A state parks pass is required ($7 Daily Pass or $70 Annual Pass) in addition to your valid fishing license (now available at our Nature Center).

Chatfield State Park (South of Littleton in Douglas and Jefferson Counties)
Fishing has been steady. The water temperatures are reaching the 70s, and the water level is down six and a half feet. Smallmouth bass have been the most popular fish of late. Most are being caught from boats along the dam. Jigs have worked best producing keeper sizes, but some reports have shown crankbaits landing fish. Few largemouth bass have been reported, but these reports have come from the gravel ponds. Walleye have been productive with boaters reporting good populations around the road beds and the centerline. Trout have been steady. Shore fishermen have had good luck on the west side around Eagle Cove. Worms have been the best choice but blade lures have been working well. With the warmer water temps, trout have been sluggish, so if a catch and release fishermen, please keep trout in water and release quickly. The Gravel Ponds have been a fun location for kids to fish for bluegill and green sunfish. Bring worms.

Cherry Creek State Park (South of I-225, East of I-25 in Arapahoe County)
The water temperature is 73 degrees. The water level remains about 3.2 feet low. For boaters, spinners and lures with worms are working. Tower Loop is reporting crappie using worms and leeches. Just a reminder, boaters must stay at least 60 feet away from in front of the tower structure at Tower Loop. Both ramps are open 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day. Due to the low water levels, small water craft are being asked to launch at the West Ramp and larger craft at the East Ramp. Also, due to the low water levels, be aware of unmarked hazards and shallow areas. No launching is permitted outside the posted hours without previous inspection.

Quincy Reservoir (City of Aurora)
Water temperature is 72 degrees. The water level is good at this time. Fishing is restricted to artificial flies and lures only. Only watercraft capable of being launched by hand permitted and electric motors only. All watercraft must be inspected prior to launch. Trout fishing is slow to fair in the morning and evening using spoons and flies. Bass fishing is slow to fair using top water lures and soft plastics. No other reports at this time. For more information call 303-693-5463. Park hours for August are 5:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Standley Lake (City of Westminster, Jefferson County)
Standley Lake is open for day boating and permit holders. The current lake temperature is about 72 degrees. Fishing times are 6:30 a.m. to sunset and will be strictly enforced. Aquatic bait is not allowed at Standley Lake; this includes salamanders, leeches, crayfish, frogs and minnows. Aquatic Nuisance Species (ANS) regulations are in effect. Call for more details. A $7 fee is charged for all drive-in traffic. A $15 fee for daily boating is required for canoes, kayaks and small fishing vessels. No belly boats are allowed. Any trailered boat must meet ANS program protocols and are subject to a 15-day quarantine. Drive-in access is available from 7:00 a.m. to sunset. For more information, contact the Standley Lake Nature Center at (303) 425-1097.

Conditions Report – Northeast Colorado 

Antero Reservoir
No new reports.

Boyd Lake State Park (North of Loveland, Larimer County)
Largemouth fishing is good using plastic lures on the flats. Smallmouth bass conditions are good using lures in deep waters. White bass fishing is good using lures around minnow pools. Blue gill is fair lake-wide, but no bait report. Carp is good using bows in shallow water. Catfishing conditions are good using livers in deep water. Crappie fishing is fair using gold Kastmasters at the south end. Trout is fair, using worms, lake-wide. Walleye conditions are good using bottom bouncers with a worm in deep waters during the early evening. Yellow perch is poor lake-wide, though there are no bait reports. The current water temperature is estimated to be in mid 70s with a depth of 38 feet. Estimate approximately 1000-plus surface acres.Please remember, any live fish collected for use as bait may only be used in the same body of water from which they were collected. All live baitfish from a commercial source and transported by anglers must at all times be accompanied by a receipt for the source. See the Colorado Fishing Regulation for further clarification and information.

Carter Lake (Larimer County)
Carter Lake was recently stocked with trout in July. Fishing for walleye remains good in the evening and morning from shoreline using worms. Anglers are having the most luck using trolling harnesses on boat. Fishing restrictions have changed for lengths and possession limits of walleye so be sure to check signs prior to keeping any fish. Trout are biting on everything.

Eldorado Canyon State Park (South Boulder Creek, Boulder County)
The flow in South Boulder Creek is flowing about 40 CFS, and fishing conditions are fair. Fishermen are having success with hopper dropper rigs, stones, pheasant tails and caddis.

Eleven Mile State Park (Park County)
Trout fishing is good. The weed beds floating around the lake make for difficult trolling. Check your lines frequently. It is also a good time to look at other techniques like jigging tubes or marabous which have been very productive. Anglers drifting PowerBait or Gulp with a long leader have caught big fish and have done it consistently. Colors do matter, but they often change daily. Orange, green and pink are the most popular. Stoll Mountain west up the overflow channel has been a good spot. Bite times are moving back to early morning, although the afternoon change can still be productive. Mid-day is still slow, especially for shoreline anglers. Salmon fishing is slow. The good salmon bite appears to be over for now. They can still be caught, but it is definitely more difficult. Try the deeper parts of the lake. Pike action is fair. Action is up and down. White spinner baits and tube jigs are doing well. Work Deer or Goose Island or Rocky Flats to Stoll Mountain. Decent numbers of medium size fish showing up in the 4-7# category. Big ones are on the prowl. Fishing on the Dream Stream has been very good this week. Early morning hours have been producing large swarms of Trico’s with a mix of caddis, Midges, Pale morning duns, and even an occasional Blue wing olive – you name it and it’s in the air! Surface activity has been plentiful on non-windy days – a caddis or hopper with a Trico spinner off the back has been very productive. Watch the take, to determine your fly selection. If the trout sips showing a full nose, put on a Trico or midge. If you see a splash tight to the bank, try a hopper or caddis. If a bump in the flow occurs, expect some weeds coming down river and clarity to diminish. Go back to nymphing with a caddis larva/pupa trailed with a soft hackle peasant tail.

Flatiron Reservoir (Larimer County)
Both lakes were stocked in July with trout and have been fishing well. Flatiron produces best with power bait and worms from the shoreline. Cheyenne day use is open and allows for fishing from the southern shore of Flatiron. Pinewood continues to fish very well from the cove with flies especially midge imitations. Use Griffin’s Gnat and small zebra midges in the evening. A 40 inch muskie was reported from Pinewood and the possibility remains to catch the largest fish of the year. Other parts of the lake fish best with baits and worms and a limit of fish can be caught from the shore.

Golden Gate Canyon State Park Ponds (Jefferson and Gilpin Counties)
Golden Gate Canyon State Park offers five fishing ponds open year-round to all park visitors. The ponds are Kriley, Slough, Ranch Ponds East and West, and Dude’s Fishing Hole. Each angler is allowed four fish per day with eight being the maximum number in possession. No live baits are allowed with the exception of worms. Please call the Visitor Center for directions at 303-582-3707.

Horsetooth Reservoir, Lory State Park (Larimer County)
Trout are beginning to even off; however, they are continuing to go after spinners to worms. Bass are still out in force. Large bass are moving out of the coves early in the morning with the small ones staying in the coves during the day. Warmer temperatures and warm and clear water are providing some of the best small mouth bass fishing so far this season. They are going after crankbaits, minnows, jigs and worms. Walleye are still hitting hard with a majority of activity in the coves especially in Inlet Bay.

Jackson Lake State Park (Morgan County)
No new updates.

Jumbo Reservoir (Logan and Sedgwick Counties)
The boat dock is no longer in the water and has been removed. No other reports.

North Sterling State Park (Logan County)
Water levels are good with both boat ramps still in the water. Crappie fishing is fair along the dam, marina and outlet areas on jigs and minnows. Best fishing has been in the mornings and evenings. Lots of catfish are being caught at Balanced Rock and Elks Bay on worms.

Pinewood Reservoir (Larimer County)
No recent reports.

Prewitt Reservoir (Washington County)
Water levels are still dropping. Prewitt is closed to boating, only hand launched boats are allowed. The ramp and dock are out of the water. Fishing has been slow for all species. A few wiper and walleye are being caught at night off the dam. Prewitt requires an annual fishing license or a State Wildlife Area access permit for anyone ages 19-64. The minimum size for walleye and wipers is 15 inches.

Spinney Mountain State Park (Park County)
Water levels are typical for this time of year, down about five vertical feet from spillway elevation, which offers plenty of boating, belly boating and shore fishing opportunities. Trout are fair to good. Leech and streamer patterns from #6 to 12 – olive, brown, black; chironomid pupae (‘ice cream cone’) patterns from #16 to 20; egg patterns #16. Trolling is also seeing success with Rapalas and Dare Devils. Good catches are being seen in the inlets and closer to the dam and fishermen are reporting the most success in the deeper waters. Pike is good. Try using spoons, stickbaits or tube jigs. The best reports are coming from those fishing 100 to 150 meters from the shoreline.

St. Vrain State Park ponds (Weld County)
As the temperatures continue to sustain at “hot” (despite the few rain showers here and there), the trout bite continues to decline. We haven’t had a recent stocking and what trout are left are the smart ones, it seems. Try worms on the bottom and flies on a bubble in the afternoon. The catfish are biting and stinkbait seems to be the best choice. If you’re on Bald Eagle Pond, try Gulp Minnows (artificial). Other baits that have produced in the past include worms, crawdad paste, mussels, and stinky liver. Please remember that Bald Eagle Pond has the following restrictions: 1) Fishing with artificial flies and lures only, 2) Scented plastics must be one and a half inches long or longer, and 3) ALL bass must be returned to the water immediately. On that note, the bass are still producing. Try senko’s, drop shots, and crawdad immitations (weedless) for some good morning/evening results. The mid-day bite is slow. Lucky Tip: The bass have been biting on flies too (be as natural as possible and try dragon-fly immitations). The sunfish are still playing the “take the worm” game and can be caught in every accessible pond on our park. Try worms below a bobber around the shorelines and rocks/structure. Good Luck! If you’re planning on coming out, please bring your fishing license and keep it with you. Also read the regulations manual! We look forward to seeing you this summer!

Conditions Report – Northwest Colorado

Colorado River at Glenwood Springs (Garfield County)
Here’s the latest from the Taylor Creek Fly Shop: “Flow is at 2360 CFS in Glenwood Springs. The visibility has been a bit challenging on the Big Raddy this week; tons of rain have put this big water in the muddy column. There are moments of clarity to be found, especially late in the day. Hatches are still going strong despite the poor visibility; we are seeing tiny blue wing olives, caddis, pale mornings and golden stones around mid-day through twilight. Big, black streamers are the ticket when conditions are right, and we still suggest getting on and off the Colorado early to avoid stressing fish in hot afternoon water temps. Give us a call for up-to-the-minute details on the Colorado River.”

Crystal River (Gunnison County)
Here’s a report from the Taylor Creek Fly Shop: “Flow is at 145 CFS in Carbondale. Easy dry fly fishing awaits you on the Crystal, but keep an eye on the flows, especially the day after heavy storms. We are seeing very strong caddis and pale morning dun hatches mid-day, and rusty spinner falls early and late in the day. The farther up 133 you drive, the fewer people you will see over the course of your day. Hot spots are near Redstone, the RVR and of course, the ‘staircase’ in Carbondale. Keep some hoppers and streamers handy, too.”

Delaney Buttes, Cowdrey Reservoir and Lake John (Jackson County)
No recent updates.

Elkhead Reservoir State Park (Moffat County)
Anglers reported good success at Elkhead Reservoir this weekend with a pair of 30-inch northern pike taken about seven feet below the surface. Water is being released, and as the level drops look for more activity in the north end as crappie schools change locations.

Fryingpan River (Eagle County)
Here’s a report from Taylor Creek Fly Shop: “Flow is at 215 CFS. The hatches are here, folks! If you want a shot at green drakes, post up between mile 7 and 12 near one o’clock, and there are pale morning duns mixed in as well. We are seeing PMDs on the entire river mid-day, and spinner falls late in the evening until the next morning. Good hatches of blue wing olives are still popping off in the upper mile, and we are still seeing healthy numbers of golden stones, red quills and midges, too. There has been plenty of rain and cloud cover over the last week, which has accelerated the hatches and has been keeping us cool and wet. If you are fishing the lower river, caddis is the name of the game all day long, with stones and PMDs in the mix, too.”

Harvey Gap State Park (Garfield County)
No recent reports.

Highline Lake State Park and Mack Mesa Reservoir (Mesa County)
No recent updates.

James M. Robb Colorado River State Park (Mesa County)
Bluegill and catfish are biting at dawn and dusk at Fruita and Corn Lake on worms. There have been a few trout caught at Island Acres during the same time period. You might have some luck catching bass at Connected Lakes on spinners early in the morning.

Lake Granby (Grand County)
Here’s an update from Tracy Featherston, the Lake Granby skipper from “Lake Granby is minus-27 feet below full; water clarity is to six feet; surface temperature has dropped to 66 degree. Lakers are on the move and can be found in shallower water early in the mornings before the sun comes over the ridge. I have found kokanee starting to school up, and they can be found in 10 to 30 feet of water in the main body of the lake.”

Pearl Lake State Park (Routt County)
No recent reports.

Rifle Falls, Rifle Gap State Park (Garfield County)
No new reports.

Roaring Fork River (Garfield County)
Latest info from Taylor Creek Fly Shop: “Flow is at 228 CFS in Aspen, and 668 CFS in Glenwood Springs. We have been blessed with plenty of cool, rainy weather, which has suppressed our concerns about high water temps in the afternoon. Caddis and pale morning duns are hatching heavily, with some golden stones, small blue wing olives and plenty of midges around as well. Streamers have been white hot on the cloudy days, with white being the optimal color right now. Nymphing has been productive with stonefly nymphs, caddis larvae and PMD nymphs until the hatches get rolling. There are still a few drakes hatching on the upper river near Aspen, look for these huge bugs as twilight approaches. A few of our guides have seen healthy numbers of craneflies also.”

Stagecoach State Park (Routt County)
The Tailwaters will be closed to all public access beginning Sept. 16, 2013 for the restoration project. It is expected to be closed through the end of the year. Contact the park office for more information. Trout have moved to deeper, cooler water. Orange or green PowerBait, wooly buggers, Tasmanian devils, and worms are working well for trout. Anglers have been successful fishing from the shore or a boat. Pike activity has picked up with a few 20-plus pound fish being landed in the shallows at the inlet. Buzz baits have been working well for pike. The harvest of pike at Stagecoach is encouraged. Please don’t throw them on shore or in the dumpsters but take as many as you like for the fryer. Algae are beginning to bloom. Emergers, midges, and prince nymphs in dark colors have yielded some beautiful rainbows at the tailwaters below the dam. Small sections of shoreline have been roped off to help prevent erosion. If the tailwaters parking lot is full, please park at the dam or come back another time to avoid overcrowding.

State Forest State Park (Jackson County)
No recent updates.

Steamboat Lake State Park (Routt County)
No recent reports.

Sylvan Lake State Park (Eagle County)
No new updates.

Vega State Park (Mesa County)
Fishing is steady. Early Settlers boat ramp is closed at this time. The Island and Oak Point boat ramps remain open. Please make sure to have your boat inspected prior to launching. Sealing your boat upon exit will make your next outing much quicker. Fishing licenses and boat registrations may be purchased at the visitor center open seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The park is no longer under a Stage I Fire Ban.

Yampa River State Park (Routt County)
Yampa River is low and not floatable in many areas near Hayden at this time, but shore fishing remains active as browns and pike jockey for the deeper pools.

Conditions Report – Southwest Colorado

Big Meadow Reservoir (Rio Grande County)
No recent reports.

Blue Mesa Reservoir (Gunnison County)
No updates this week.

Crawford State Park (Delta County)
Catfish are still biting! There was a report of a 37-inch pike caught near the dam by a shore fisherman. Occasional reports of perch and crappie are still coming in. Crappie have been about 9 to 12 inches.

Echo Canyon Reservoir (Archuleta County)
No recent reports.

Gunnison Gorge, Gunnison River (Gunnison – Delta County)
No recent updates.

Mancos State Park, Jackson Gulch Reservoir (Montezuma County)
Jackson Gulch reservoir inflow is only flowing during rainstorms. Outflow for domestic uses continues, so the lake remains quite low. In spite of the low lake level, fishing has been excellent for 10 to 12 inch rainbow trout and six to seven inch yellow perch with an occasional large brown trout. Early each month throughout the summer, 10,000 rainbow trout will be stocked. Trout are really biting on all colors of PowerBait right now, as well as worms and salmon eggs. Some inline spinners such as Panther Martins, crocodiles, and Kastmasters have seen some success. Fly fisherfolk have had some luck with small dry flies such as irresistibles, especially in the early morning and late evening hours along the dam and in the west side coves. Perch love nightcrawler, mealworm or waxworm. Perch are small, averaging about six to seven inches, but anglers should keep them if they’ll eat them. There is no limit on the number of perch you keep; the daily limit for trout is four. A park pass is required when utilizing the park. Daily park passes are available at the self-serve pay post at the park entrance. Park passes and fishing licenses are on sale at the Mancos entrance station during staff hours. For fishing rules/regulations and information please click on the “Fishing” link on our website

Navajo State Park (Archuleta County)
Crappie fishing has slowed some; however, the smallmouth bass have been biting recently. Water temperature is currently approximately 75 degrees. Colorado and New Mexico fishing licenses for  2013-14 are available at the Visitor Center at this time. Please remember to bring sunscreen, insect repellent and clothes appropriate for changes in the weather.

Ridgway State Park (Ouray County)
The reservoir is 90.5 percent full and falling slowly. Our most recent stocking of the reservoir, with 2,200 catchable rainbow trout, occurred on July 16. Both shore fishermen and boaters are reporting very good fishing for stocker-sized fish (eight to 12 inches) with a few larger fish (18 to 20 inches) being caught. The catch is mostly rainbows, but there have also been some browns and smallmouth bass. Shore fishermen are doing well along the Dallas Creek day use area and Mears Bay shorelines. Shore fisherman should to try gold Kastmasters, rainbow or green PowerBait, or worms off the bottom. Boat fishermen are having luck with gold Kastmasters and black/silver sinking Rapalas near the dam, the west shore, and around the opening to Mears Bay. Fishing in the Uncompahgre River at Pa-Co-Chu-Puk is excellent. Our most recent stocking of the river, with 200 cutthroat trout, occurred on May 1. The river flows are currently at around 217 CFS and will continue to increase. Fly fisherman are doing well on bead-headed nymphs, pheasant tails and brown wooly buggers; copper johns and small midges are also working. Spin fisherman are doing well with gold Mepps and yellow/black Panther Martins. Please remember that the Uncompahgre River in Pa-Cu-Chu-Puk is restricted to flies and lures only, and all fish caught must be returned to the river immediately. The ponds at Pa-Co-Chu-Puk have a good population of rainbows and some brown trout, and fishing in June has been very good. Fishermen have been doing well with worms and salmon eggs on top in the mornings and evenings, and various colors of PowerBait off the bottom in the afternoon.

Rio Grande River (Rio Grande County)
No recent updates.

Taylor Reservoir (Gunnison County)
Here’s an update from Dee Dee at Taylor Park Marina: “Fishing from a boat is about the only way to catch trout right now. Trolling with cowbells and night crawlers is best, getting your line down around 20 to 25 feet. Also, fishing off the bottom on the north end with worms and PowerBait has been successful. Even casting some Kastmasters in about 20 inches of water worked over the weekend from a boat Lake Trout are slow and light lipped. Some Northern Pike are biting on the east side of the lake off of Mepps Aglia with a squirrel tail.”

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