Letter to the Editor – Big Thank You from the Library

Lamar Public Library

Lamar Public Library

The library board, library director, and library staff would like to thank the Lamar B.P.O.E. Elks for sponsoring a Bingo night for the library.

We would also like to thank those individuals who attended the Bingo night in support of the Lamar Public Library.

The money we raised will help provide fall programs for patrons of every age; including a visit from the poet laureate of Colorado, and a western author/songwriter and singer.

The library is no longer just a warehouse for books, but a place where individuals can gather to learn and experience potential life changing events.

It is organizations such as the Lamar B.P.O.E Elks and Communities such as ours that help support the library’s efforts to make this possible.

Once again, thank you for your support, and we hope you will stop by and enjoy one of the programs we offer.

The library is not a shrine for the worship of books. It is not a temple where literary incense must be burned or where one’s devotion to the bound book is expressed in ritual. A library, to modify the famous metaphor of Socrates, should be the delivery room for the birth of ideas : a place where history comes to life.


— Norman Cousins —


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