Driving for Donations

Golf Carts Away!!!

Golf Carts Away!!!

Driving for Donations or Cruising for Cash or Riding for Rockets or however you might term it, some volunteers from the Lamar Chamber of Commerce, Board of Directors, were out on the night of July 4th, seeking donations for next year’s fireworks display. 4th of July Fireworks 2013 (4)

The group covered the area parking lots surrounding the Prowers County Fairgrounds, using donated golf carts tricked out with roof-mounted LED lights, and sought donations from area residents as they were waiting for the sky to darken enough for the annual display to get underway.  About $1,088 was raised for their efforts.  A few days beforehand, KVAY raised about $800 when morning announcer, Thaddeus Steele, positioned himself at the Main and Olive downtown intersection for a couple of hours and solicited donations from passing motorists.  Some additional funds were donated the evening of the fire department’s Family Fun Night, held at Bi-Centennial Park.

4th of July Fireworks 2013 (1)

Each year, the Lamar Fire Department tries to raise the needed $8,000 to purchase next July’s fireworks supply by May.  The thing is, as pointed out by Lamar Fire Chief Marshall Cook, the department can’t carry the fundraising responsibility all by themselves anymore and has been looking for community support.

4th of July Fireworks 2013 (2)

A meeting among citizens and various civic groups was held in late June when Cook spelled out his concerns for some additional help.  The idea to seek donations just prior to the fireworks display was one of the suggestions that were presented.  Any group that would like to offer their time to the Lamar Fire Department can contact Chief Cook at 719-336-4321.

By Russ Baldwin


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