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New Air Conditioning Unit Being Hoisted to Roof

Zone dampers, or air conditioning units were hoisted into place atop the Lamar Community Building this past Wednesday, April 24.  According to a construction update provided to the City of Lamar by Honeywell Building Solutions, all the roof top units will be in place before graduation ceremonies are held. 

The Old Unit Has Been Taken Off the Roof

Matt Neuhold, Recreation Coordinator, said the connection process is not that complicated, despite the size and weight of the units being maneuvered by the construction crew cranes.  One unit’s installation had to be postponed because a taller crane was needed at one point to handle the height weight and extended angle required to successfully swing the unit to the community building roof.

Honeywell Building Solutions was contracted by the City Council to oversee a series of energy saving upgrades to city offices, including improvements to some sections of Lamar’s water distribution infrastructure.  The report included completion of rooftop units at the Lamar Airport and fire department, a fire alarm sprinkler system upgrade at the SOS Center on East Olive Street and an upgrade to the City Complex and Community Building for sealing doors and windows.  Remote monitoring of temperature control and energy management systems at the Community Building, City Complex, SOS Center and Airport is expected to be finished by June 30. 

City of Lamar Water Department upgrades include installation of SCADA panels which offer real time monitoring of water use in the city water system, selected wells have been de-scaled, re-tested and re-screened, pumps and speed drives will be installed before June 30 and pipes are being replaced that connect several wells to the fill station and reservoir.  As of April 22, water meters have begun to be replaced throughout the city and the wireless meter reading system should begin to be installed in the first week of May.  July 31 is the deadline for the entire water meter operation to be completed.  A loan and grant application process began in April.  The city is seeking funding from several sources to finance the replacement of the city’s south well field water transmission line.  The cost is estimated at just under $2 million and with sufficient funding, the project is expected to begin in October.

By Russ Baldwin 


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