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Lamar Light Plant Repowering Project, East View

The Lamar Repowering Project may not refire its boilers for new emissions tests until this July, according to Light Plant Superintendent, Houssin Hourieh.  Hourieh informed Utility Board members that a deal to purchase two 600HP air compressors was finalized by the boiler manufacturers on January 18.  Babcock and Wilcox will use the new equipment to inject ammonia and for carbon monoxide mixing in the boiler.  The compressors will be delivered at the end of May.  Hourieh said the equipment is part of the modifications being done to the boilers to help achieve maximum efficiency without exceeding emissions standards.  A holding pad for the boilers must be constructed before installation can begin.  The superintendent added that ARPA and LUB are negotiating with Babcock and Wilcox over who will bear the brunt of installation costs. 

Plant operators continue to upgrade dated equipment at the power plant including the 24.9KV substation’s circuit breaker which was built in the 1960’s.  The search for replacement parts is limited as they were constructed in the 1960’s.  Superintendent Hourieh said he ‘s working with representatives from Honeywell and Professional Meters Incorporated for Data Collection Units which will be mounted on power poles and will automatically read water meters in the city.

 The LUB/ARPA annual scholarship program is underway.  Deadline for entries for senior high school students from McClave, Wiley and Lamar is April 19.  ARPA and LUB provide $500 apiece to the three winners.  This year’s theme is, “How does renewable energy impact the environment, and what challenges would the electric utilities face in implementing renewable energy?” 

The board met with Leo Hernandez who submitted an application for the remaining open position to serve as a Lamar Utility Board member.  The board will decide to make a recommendation to the Lamar City Council for approval.   

Year end results on Lamar’s three wind turbines shows they have generated 13,252.8 MWH of electricity which is about 884.9 MWH (megawatt hours) more than generated in 2011.  Hourieh said 2010 has still been the year of highest productivity.  Regarding power output and rates, the superintendent noted that the board approved establishing two new rate classifications in the General Service Large category.  They will be known as Power Primary and Power Secondary depending on their power usage, from 400KWper hour or higher.  These customers will see a rate reduction from between 2.9% to 4.3%.  Coupled with the 9% general power rate decrease and elimination of the ECA for 2012, Hourieh said the light plant’s rates are now competitive to surrounding utilities in southeast Colorado.

By Russ Baldwin

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