Holly Ministerial Food Pantry Opens


Pastor Kurtis Klinghammer of the Holly First Christian Church

“We had 140 people receiving food items from the 45 families that signed up with us this past Friday,” according to Pastor Kurtis Klinghammer. 

Klinghammer said it had taken about eight months of preparation to be able to develop the food pantry, which will be open in Holly the fourth Friday of each month from 11am to 2pm.  The Holly Ministerial Food Pantry is located at 124 South Main Street. 

Contributions to the Food Partry are Welcomed

The interior of the vacant building at the address was darkened and chilly, but the pantry area was bright and being warmed by several floor-mounted electric heaters.  Shelves were lined with non-perishable items and a refrigerator kept fruits and vegetables chilled.  Klinghammer moved from the Denver area after almost 40 years in the metro area to become the pastor of the Holly First Christian Church.  “We love it here,” he remarked on Friday as he greeted a number of area residents who were his first customers for the day.   

Some of the Shelving was Donated to the Pantry

Persons are asked to fill out a brief information card.  Klinghammer told them, “This is all confidential, but we’re just doing this to help us keep some statistics on how many people come to the pantry.”  The local pantry is partnered with the Care and Share Food Bank out of Colorado Springs for food items and relies on local donations as well.  The pastor stated that the pantry is an end-of-the-month resource for people who just can’t afford groceries to see them through.   

The Holly Pantry is Open the Fourth Friday of Each Month from 11am to 2pm

“We don’t hand over a pre-set box of food items as people come through the door.  People come in and select the foods they want from the shelves,” he explained.  Asked about how much a person can take with them, Klinghammer said he trusts people will not go overboard and he will review how much is taken and how much is left during a trial period.  “People have helped us in numerous ways, from installing a new door for the pantry, to giving us shelves,” he added.  There are no meats available, but people select from canned goods, to pre-baked cinnamon rolls and pies and even some chips and soda, along with basic staples.  When folks express their thanks, the pastor replies, “It all comes from Him,” and he also acknowledges the community effort it took to make the food pantry come to pass. 

Those wishing to contribute can make their checks to Holly Ministerial Food Pantry, P.O. Box 549, Holly, Colorado 81047 or call Pastor Klinghammer at 719-537-6060.

By Russ Baldwin

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