City of Lamar Building Department Annual Report

The City of Lamar’s annual Building Department report is not a direct economic barometer within the city, but the information provided affords a look at what is going on in the construction side of events in Lamar over a year’s span. 

The total value of all construction done in Lamar under the regular permitting process was $1,717,404.54.  Construction in April generated the most revenue at $367,627.  It was in that month that the only permit for the year was submitted for construction of a new house within city limits.  January of 2012 showed the least amount of revenue generated at $46,200. 

Building construction is listed under several categories including new homes (1); garages (3); carports (6).  Other categories are broken down into: apartments/duplexes (0), remodeling (34), additions (5), manufactured homes (2), roof (102), miscellaneous building (31), new industrial and commercial (1) buildings and (7) commercial remodeling.  The Lamar Building Inspector conducted 474 inspections for 2012 issued 236 construction permits and 91 contractor licenses.  Revenue for 2012 from permits, licenses and fees was $68,043.

By Russ Baldwin


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