Letter to the Editor – Recount Response


I would like to present an alternate viewpoint to Jillane Hixson’s recent letter to the editor concerning her request for a recount of the Seufer/Schnable race for County Commissioner. 

First, I should point out that I am writing solely as an individual. Due to personal time constraints, I do not currently hold office in the Prowers County Democratic Party. 

On the other hand, I have volunteered to be a member of the panel that double-checks and helps certify the accuracy of the vote count, and also  been an Election Judge, for the last 4 (maybe 5, I’ve lost track) election cycles. When I first got involved, Dottie McCaslin was the County Clerk. She trained Jana Coen, who took over the job when Ms. McCaslin retired.  

It is my personal, but strongly held, opinion that both these ladies are dedicated, conscientious and scrupulously honest. In the training sessions, during the long, exhausting demands of Election Day, and throughout the final checking process (which at least once was a 12 hour day in itself!), I have NEVER seen any hint of an action that suggested anything illegal was going on. 

Honesty and transparency in our government is of course the most important goal. But it seems to me that the extreme hostility we are still seeing between the parties actually makes it harder to achieve.  

I think the problem here isn’t some kind of evil plot, but an inability to find enough common ground to work things out, caused by suspicion and the feeling of being victimized by villains in high places. 

Susan Crites
Lamar, CO


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