Girl Scouts Challenge for Food Banks

Lamar area Girl Scouts recently challenged Girl Scouts in Baca and Otero County to a friendly contest to see who could gather the most food items for their respective food banks. Area Girl Scouts brought donated food items to their troop meetings, their Juliette Low Tea Party, set out collection boxes in local businesses and teamed up with Juniper Village. On Saturday, November 17, Girl Scouts met at Juniper Village, bringing with them the food items that they had collected so far. Then girls were divided up into groups, and with a sack lunch provided by Juniper Village in one hand and a list of scavenger hunt items in the other hand, girls went door to door in different neighborhoods throughout Lamar collecting food items and checking items off their scavenger hunt list. Two hours later the girls returned to Juniper Village with their food items they had collected just that afternoon.

The challenge with Baca and Otero Girl Scouts officially ended on November 17. By that date, local Girl Scouts had collected 601 food items. Girl Scouts in Lamar continued their food drive through the end of November. When it was all said and done, over 600 pounds of food items were donated to Mary & Martha’s Ministries from the efforts of Girl Scouts, Juniper Village and other town organizations. Way to go Girl Scouts! Thank you Juniper Village for providing the sack lunches and the prizes from the scavenger hunt. Thank you area businesses for letting Girl Scouts put collection boxes in your businesses. A Huge THANK YOU to residents of Lamar for supporting Girl Scouts and contributing to our food drive. The Girl Scouts hope that this will become an annual event as a way for them to give back to the community.

Article and Photo Submitted by: D’Ellen Berndt, Area Girl Scout Leader

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