Replacement Pumps for Tank and Tummy


Excavation Work on New Pumps is Underway

Ever since the June 2 storms knocked over the marquee and smashed the gas pumps at Tank and Tummy on South Main Street this past summer, there’s been buying just for the Tummy and not for the Tank.  That’s going to change in about a month. 

Some preliminary excavation work for the new pumps began this week at the Tank and Tummy, as a crew removed the last of the old concrete pad and cleared space for the new pumps, gas lines and replacement concrete pad that will house the new equipment.  

Damage to Tank and Tummy Roof Covering Pumps

The storage tanks were not affected when strong winds toppled the marquee down onto the pumps, so most of the restoration work will be above the surface. 

No exact date has been set for the completion of the project, but it’s expected to be up and pumping shortly before Christmas.

By Russ Baldwin


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