Halloween, Scary Fun!

Little Fairy out Trick or Treating at Community Building

Halloween. What a great time to be a kid, and this past Halloween was picture perfect…a full moon, easy breezes, warm evening temperatures and a chance to grab some tasty goodies.

Insane Clown Posse Teams Up with Addams Family?

Candy aside, Halloween should be an event where youngsters can experience just a little touch of mystery and suspense, beyond what kids get now from sitting on the sofa watching blood and guts horror movies on tv, or blasting apart zombies on their video games.

Green Garden Girls–Sugar and Spice?

It’s different and feels more real when you’re walking down a street darkened by trees creaking in the evening wind. Your lonely road is lit only by moonshine that casts eerie shadows on the pavement and there’s the rustle of dry autumn leaves on the ground, moved about by a sudden wind that comes from nowhere…that’s a part of Halloween that needs to be experienced. It’s always better when you’re traveling with some pals, especially when you’re about 11 years old and it’s the first time your parents or big brother isn’t accompanying you. But when you hear a dog barking from far away, or stroll into one of those areas where the temperature drops about 10 degrees in as many feet so you suddenly see your own breath, you still have the tendency to look over your shoulder, or take a quick glimpse at the dark areas in-between houses, just ‘to be sure’ there isn’t something waiting for you…then you can enjoy a little chill and thrill from Halloween.

Two Heads Read Faster than One at Lamar Library

As the evening grows long and your partners start to drift off and head home for their curfew, you come to realize there’s just two of you left and when you head your separate ways to go home…you’re going to be all alone on those deserted streets. Time to pick up the pace until you see your house in the distance, all lit up and waiting for your return!

The Incredibles..LCC Softball Team Players Volunteer at Community Building

Folks were into the spirit of the evening this past Wednesday, from the staff and volunteers at the Lamar Library, to the Lamar Community College softball team at the Community Building for another year, or the waitresses at the Green Garden on South Main Street…all were on hand to make the night more enjoyable.

Ready for Trick or Treating Fun


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