Dear Citizens of Prowers County

As the final days approach for the election, I sincerely thank all of the voters who have seriously considered my qualifications and specific plans to advance Prowers County.

Contrary to recent remarks of CO Senator Brophy, (Lamar Ledger 10/31/2012), I respectfully dispute his unfounded and illogical claims that my campaign is founded on narrow (self-serving) interests, as well as his allegations against CO President of the Senate, Brandon Shaffer.

I have obviously offered much more than “hollow” rhetoric; but instead I have presented specific plans. In fact, my top issues include: 1) addressing the Utility rates that are adversely affecting every citizen and business of Prowers County and stifling new business growth; 2) pursuing NH3 production (anhydrous ammonia) – a clean energy fuel produced by wind & water, which does not require transmission lines, but could be efficiently transported via abandoned gas lines, rail, and highway; and 3) asking School Boards to provide action plans to the County Commissioners to address the 72% HS graduation rates and the alarming rate of teen pregnancies (38% – 42% of all births in Prowers County) which inevitably begins a cycle of welfare, and a drain on social services (i.e. tax payers). ….just to name a few. Thus, I believe my plans would well serve “ALL” citizens of Prowers County.

I welcome all citizens to visit my website: to learn more about my diverse background and experience in “Agriculture”, “Business” and “Politics”; and to fully contemplate my abilities, skills, and plans to advance Prowers County. I ask all voters to make their “own” conclusions who is actually the “best” candidate and the most capable. More importantly, I ask for your vote on November 6th, 2012.

Thank You.

Jillane Hixson
Candidate for Prowers County Commissioner (D3)


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