To the Editor and residents of Prowers County:

I’ve been fortunate to meet many great people from Prowers County over the last seven years serving as your State Senator.  People who pour their souls into improving healthcare delivery, education and economic development in the area.  Meeting people who strive to make their community stronger is one of the biggest bonuses of serving in the Senate. 

Unfortunately, I also have to meet people who are clearly interested only in advancing their own narrow interests.  Normally, I’d keep this kind of experience to myself, but I can’t now, as Jillane Hixon (Hixson) is running for County Commissioner.  I’m afraid that she will serve her narrow interests over those of Prowers County.

To make matters worse, a quick Internet search reveals that Hixon is endorsed by none other than Senate President Brandon Shaffer.  I’ve served with Brandon for seven years in the State Senate; he’s voted for every tax and fee increase that’s been placed before us.  His record and endorsement should seal the deal against Ms Hixon (Hixson). 

The good news is that you have a choice and a good one in Wendy Buxton-Andrade who brings a great resume and a clear love for Prowers County to the race for County Commissioner. 

Prowers County residents deserve a servant who will work for their interests, Wendy is that choice. 

Greg Brophy
Colorado State Senator
320 East 6th St.
Wray, CO 80758


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