Thanks on Community Efforts for “Fifty-Plus Reunion”


Alumni in 2012 Homecoming Parade

 Success for a reunion is when all the planning comes together at the appropriate time.  The “fifty-plus” was a success due to the co-operation and hard work of many. 

Thanks to the Lamar Ledger, The Prowers Journal, KVAY and KLMR for advertising the meetings and the reunion.  Thanks to Lorna at Robinson Printing for your creative tickets and invitations.  The quick work and attention was appreciated. 

The class representatives worked very hard preparing for the attendees arrival and activities.  Extra ‘kudos’ to Patricia Oliver, Marilyn Pierson, Pam Bugg, Ellis Beavers and Berry Clark for above and beyond effort. 

John and Doris Eagan did a wonderful job on the photos of each of the classes.  His profession as a photographer is our gift for memories.  Thanks John and Doris. 

Thanks to Doug and Lee Thrall, Deanna, Rene and the Rodeway Cow Palace Inn employees including the cooks Chad and Heidi for all the awesome effort and care.  We appreciate the co-operation, ,support, customer service and use of the bus for transportation to the homecoming events. 

We are grateful to the Lamar High School district for use of the transportation to the John Martin Reservoir.  Also, thanks to Lamar High School for including the Alumni at the Booster Club event, the homecoming parade and the football game.  Thanks to Joan and Jim Peterson for the buggy driven by Elsie Dunn and Flossie Spitzer.  Also thanks to David Emick and Gary Peyton for the trailers that allowed the alumni of 75 persons to enjoy the parade. 

Janie Campbell, driver for Lamar School District, drove the alumni to the John Martin Dam for a tour through the facility with Steve Hamilton.  Steve escorted the alumni and gave information on the guided tour.  The dinosaur and historic museum gave an insight to the John Martin State Park.  Thanks also to Kathy Scranton for hosting a tour of the Big Timbers Museum. 

Saturday evening, the Banquet was assisted by four adults from Lamar Community College, and by five members of the Lamar High FFA, their sponsor and a mother.  Your effort was appreciated. 

Lee Robinson’s music and singing songs of the forties and fifties gave the crowd music to sing and dance by.  Those were the days when you could understand the words and feel the beat for your feet.  The music was enjoyed by all and we thank you so very much. 

The excitement of the Red Wing ‘fly-overs’ during the parade and during the National Anthem at the football game was an incredible thrill.  Thank you Allen Tinnes, and the flyers for sharing your hobby and your talent. 

The fifty-year reunion 2012 is over, but the friendships and the memories will last forever.  Join us again in 2015.  God Bless America.

Carolyn Peyon


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