Lamar, Springfield, and Las Animas Animal Shelter Dogs Get NEW Beds

Lamar shelter animal control officer Tom Campbell and Second Chance volunteer Kelli Gaines

Animal Shelter dogs will have nice raised beds this winter, keeping them dry and warm and off the shelter’s concrete floor. Thanks to grant writing assistance from George Oberlander and grant funds from Pepsi, shelter dogs in Lamar, Las Animas and Springfield have received beds, toys, chews and replacement bed covers. Lamar Shelter staff Kenny and Tom, Merna and Harry in Springfield and Dana in Las Animas AND all their shelter dogs received these new beds! Shelter staff and Second Chance Animal Rescue put the beds together and into kennels here in the Lamar.

Shelter environments are stressful for social animals like dogs. Unfamiliar, noisy surroundings create anxiety for the dogs. Toys and chews give them something to think about while they are waiting for adoption or their owner to come rescue them.

Raised beds provide shelter staff with an easy to clean bed and shelter dogs with a soft, dry one!

Lamar Shelter dogs received
15 beds
6 replacement covers
27 lb. box of treats
700 rawhide chews
16 Kong ball toys

The Lamar Animal Shelter is looking for volunteers to walk dogs and help with feeding and care. Contact 336-8769 or 336-4341 to sign up for volunteering at the shelter.

Second Chance Animal Rescue is looking for a few dog foster homes. The rescue provides for the needs and veterinary care of the dog. You provide a home and love. Must love dogs. Contact Second Chance at 931-0006 or 336-0409.

Article and photos supplied by Donna Emick

Dog bed in use


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