Car Palace Remodeling Project Begins

The Car Palace at 902 North Main Street in Lamar has a new look along Main Street, but this is only temporary.  Owner Bill Wootten is replacing the old front with a remodeling project, along with several windows that were broken during a spring wind storm. 

“All the front glass is gone and we’re adding a door to the middle of the front,” Wootten explained.  He said the Car Palace dates back to about 1974 and it’s time for a change inside as well as outside.  Daniels Construction has built a temporary front wall to protect the building’s interior from the weather while the new front is being built.  It’s a little darker inside than before, but Wootten said the old ceiling panels will be replaced and some drop lighting will be added.

Other plans call for a new brick and rock exterior for a more colorful look.  “We’ve had the same type stucco on the front and it just lacks color,” Wootten added.  He said some of the older wood paneling on the inside window frames is coming off as well. 

“We’re giving thought to using the front half of the building as offices and can set up wall panels for the space that’s needed, but that will come later.  Right now we just need to get the windows and front walls up before the weather really starts to turn cold,” Bill explained.

By Russ Baldwin


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