PMC Hosting Annual Free Prostate Clinic this Week


The Outpatient Specialty Clinic is just West of the Main PMC Entrance

Each year, several hundred men in the Prowers County area over the age of 40 receive a free prostate medical exam performed by PMC medical providers.  This year’s two-part exam is co-sponsored by Prowers Medical Group and Frontier Bank.  No appointments are needed, but you should expect 30 minutes or more for your visit. 

The exams are free of charge and will be held between 7am and 3pm, Friday, September 14 at the Outpatient Specialty Clinic, located in the brick building next to PMC at 301 Kendall Drive.  Here are a few things that men who are of age to take the test should know about. 

Using the PSA test prevents an estimated 17,000 cases of advanced prostate cancer in the United States each year. The average survival rate of men with advanced prostate cancer that has spread to other parts of their body at diagnosis is one to two and a half years, the researchers said. In contrast, nearly 100 percent of men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer at an early stage, before it has spread to other areas, are alive five years later, according to the American Cancer Society. 

What to expect at your PSA exam:
Prowers Medical Group healthcare providers will use a digital rectal exam and prostate specific antigen blood test to screen for prostate cancer.  The digital rectal examination is performed by the physician.  If any lumps, bumps, or irregularities are felt, you will be informed of such findings and referred to your doctor or another urologist for further evaluation. 

The prostate specific antigen (PSA) test involves a medical professional drawing a blood sample.   If your examination is normal, we suggest that you share it with your personal physician and schedule future annual prostate exams.   

If your examination is abnormal, we recommend that you contact your personal physician or a urologist for further evaluation.  If you do not have a personal physician, we can refer you to a urologist.   

It will take approximately 2 weeks for the results of your PSA test.  Your results will be mailed to you once they are completed.  If you have any questions, contact PMG at 336-6767.


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