Granada Hosted Historic Festival on Saturday


Granada Contestant for Fiesta de Colores


Fiesta de Colores Royalty Contestant

Area residents came out to Granada City Park this past Saturday, September 15, for the annual Fiesta de Colores celebration.  The occasion was to celebrate Mexico’s fight for independence from Spain which begin in 1810 and lasted for several years throughout parts of the country, including an important battle for Mexico City which was won by the Mexican freedom fighters. 

Kids Enjoying the Playground Equipment at Granada Park


An 11am parade traveled from the Granada Post Office to the city park where the festival was held for most of the day.  Vendors set up tables, displaying bargains and foods while the younger kids spent their energy bouncing on an inflatable ride or on the playground equipment at the park.  The crowd was also entertained by traditional dancing, as well as an evening community dance from 7pm until midnight. 

People Enjoying the Vendor Foods & Sale Items

One of the highlights included the crowning of the queen and princess for the Fiesta.  Six girls were in the two categories and the winners were crowned at 7:30 that night, based on the number of raffle tickets they had sold.   

Candidates for Princess were: Dal’Aize Mendoza, Yesenia Rodriguez and Anyssa Sillas.  Queen candidates were:  Janet Cabral, Mireya Mendoza and Caroline Rodriguez.

By Russ Baldwin


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