RE-2 Registration Underway for 2012-2013


Filling Out the Forms at Lamar Community Building

The Lamar Community Building was packed with students and parents yesterday, August 7, not for any sports activity, but for school registration.  Forms need to be filled, assignments need to be corrected, studies for the year set out, information compiled on health, meals, special needs, insurance, sign up for other activities such as Project HOPE or a course at the college.  It’s a lengthy process and the line had already formed at the south entrance door of the building before enrollment began at 11am and continued until 7pm.  Another round of registration is available today, Wednesday, from 9am to 1pm. 

Registration Table for Lamar High School

 The process has been simplified and streamlined over the past several years using one central location for all the schools, elementary through high school.  Those families that had a student in each age category could spend the better part of several days just filling out forms at a series of school buildings, developing writer’s cramp.

By Russ Baldwin


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