Project HOPE Discusses Funding Plans for Teen Center


Lincoln Elementary School

Members of the Partners for HOPE Center Coalition met at Lincoln School on Monday, August 13, to conduct an election of officers, review the status of their non-profit 501C3 application and reorganize or discontinue current committees. 

New Art Room at Lincoln Teen Center


Lori Hammer, Project HOPE director, chaired the meeting, held at Lincoln Elementary School in Lamar, the new site of the Teen Center.  Most of the painting of the rooms that will be used has been completed, some furniture has been rolled into the classrooms from the Center’s previous location on East Elm Street, and once all the left over office furniture has been cleared from the gym, it too, will be available for use. 

Media and WiFi Room at Lincoln Teen Center


Fund raising, long term through grants, and short term from local events highlighted the discussion.  The Center is funded through a JAG grant which will end September 2013.  There is less funding available in each successive year of the four year grant.  The acceptance of the non-profit application will open some new grant funding doors, but those grants still need to be written and submitted through the next school year.  There is also an immediate need for funding, as Hammer pointed out, the money to pay for school bus driver’s salaries is not readily available.  The students are bussed to the center by the school, but the salaries of the drivers who take the students home at the end of the Center’s day is not currently funded.  Several persons volunteered to serve on a general fund raising committee headed by Byron Hall and several ideas were discussed.  The committee agreed that different avenues need to be explored instead of continually contacting local merchants and businesses for donations.     

Gym, Filled with Potential Sale/Auction Items


Anthony LaTour was nominated to serve as Partners for HOPE president, pending approval of his employers with the county.  Trevor LaCost had entered his name as vice president earlier and Angel Madrid volunteered as secretary/treasurer.  The new Resource Officer from the Lamar Police Department was also in attendance; Officer George Ibarra is replacing Officer Ray Macias this year. 

Teen Center Break Room


An open house for Lincoln School will be scheduled once the students and the curriculum are settled in for the school year.  The first two weeks in September will be a shake down run at the new location, and past that, efforts will continue to focus on the offerings that can be developed for students who use the Center on Fridays, now that the Lamar school district has a four day week.  The meeting ended with a brief tour of the repainted classrooms.

By Russ Baldwin

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