Moving Back to Lincoln School


Remainder of Furnishings, Heading for Lincoln School

The Lamar Teen Center moved across town, Wednesday, August 1.   Office equipment, furnishings, computers and an assortment of classroom products was transported from the West Elm Street Teen Center to Lincoln Elementary School on North 10th Street.  Volunteers from the high school football team and some employees from the RE-2 school district loaded vans and flatbeds to make the short, cross-town run in preparation for the Teen Center’s new site at Lincoln Elementary. 

High School Volunteers Lend a Hand with Equipment

Lori Hammer, director of the Project HOPE Teen Center, said nine classrooms plus the gym and some offices will be used at Lincoln School once classes get underway later this month.  The classrooms are currently receiving a new coat of paint prior to the Teen Center’s operation for the new school year.  Lincoln School was closed by the RE-2 school board last year, but has re-opened to accommodate as many as 100 students who use the Teen Center facility each weekday during the school year. 

Now That It’s Here, Where Do You Want It?

All the classrooms to be used by Project HOPE students are on one central corridor.  The classrooms on the south side will be used for homework and study in the early afternoon after regular classes.  Once everyone is caught up, the students can move over to the northern classrooms for playtime activities and other, non-academic projects. 

“We’ve been holding weekly sessions through July, focusing on Friday activities,” Hammer explained.  Representatives from the school district, the recreation department, LiveWell and some church groups have been exploring activities for young students on Fridays, now that the school system is using a four day school week.  Hammer said the object is to keep the students occupied and not lose any momentum from their studies with the lost day.  She said some of the people at the planning sessions may be able to volunteer their time for that additional day.  The planning sessions continue; classes begin in Lamar on August 16.

By Russ Baldwin


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