2012 Summer Reading Program Ends

Lamar Public Library

It is a sad week for all of us at the Lamar Public Library … the summer reading program officially ended on Monday, July 30th with an awards ceremony and swim party. June and July are two of the most fun filled and busy months for all of us at the library; they are exciting, fast paced, and full of children!

Every year we look forward to the summer reading program: planning, decorating, buying, making; and every year at the end we say, “Where did it go?”

For two months everything is read, read, read! Design a planet, read, pet a deer skin, read, sing a funny song, read, get caught up in magic tricks, read, make a dream catcher complete with anti-bad dream spray, read, eat a cosmic sundae, read, become a super hero, read, play games, read, make your own lunar creation, read, dance around, read, enjoy the air conditioning, read, explore space, read, and win prizes!

We offered Summer Reading Programs to the whole family this year. Registration and participation numbers were up!

Our motto is: The Family That Reads Together, Succeeds Together!

We are proud to announce the top readers in each category:

ADULT SRP “Between the Covers” – top readers won a book!

11 adults registered for the program

Hazel Cutler (TOP READER)

Melanie Haslam (Winner of Drawing)

Teen Program”Own the Night”

44 teens registered for the program!

Top Readers:

Maddie Buxton- read 3,664 pages

McKenzie Middleton- read 1,296 pages

Nine teen participants read a total of 11,260 pages!!

Childrens Program “Dream Big… Read!”

Registration for the Summer Reading Program has exceeded last years numbers!

There were 73 pre-school participants and 201 Kdg-5th participants!

98 children turned in at least one reading log!

Top Readers for each planet were:


1st: Sandra Lopez (104 hours)

2nd: Melody Gruber (80 hours)


1st: Ailed Hernandez (120 hours)

2nd: Isaiah Hillman (64 hours)


1st: Raegan Middleton (64 hours)

2nd: Annie Hillman ( 56 hours)

Wyatt Sheaves (56 hours)


1st: Casie Minton (72 hours)

Isaiah Eirhart (72 hours)

2nd: Brandon Martinez (48 hours)

Fatima Gomez (48 hours)


1st: Sam Hillman (88 hours)

2nd: Tucker Hobden (56 hours)


1st: Peter Eirhart (72 hours)

2nd: Bailey Pietschmann (64 hours)


1st: Emilie Holbert (48 hours)

Gabriela Gomez (48 hours)

2nd: India Malkan (40 hours)


1st: Erin Minton (56 hours)

2nd: Aisiya Vargas (64 hours)

We would like to thank all of our sponsors, participants and volunteers!

Remember, the library is open all year! You don’t have to wait until next summer to stop in and see us.

Our hours are:
Monday – Thursday 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturday 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

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