New Fire/Fireworks Ordinance Being Scripted for Prowers County

“I want to be very precise with drafting a new ordinance on the books for the county,” explained John Lefferdink, Prowers County Attorney.  He told the commissioners during their regular meeting on Thursday, July 26, that the county only enforces a few, and if not worded to match your intent, can work counter to your intentions.   Rural Fire Chief Staffon Warn and Prowers County Sheriff Jim Faull were also on hand to speak about changes to the 2006 Fire Ban ordinance. 

Sheriff Faull wants to update the ordinance giving the county the authority to restrict the sale of fireworks as well as their use when weather conditions are severe enough to warrant Red Flag warnings and fire bans in the county.  A similar restriction was in effect to match Governor Hickenlooper’s statewide ban during the July 4 holiday.  The sheriff authorized a fireworks restriction and Walmart voluntarily pulled their stock from their shelves and there were no private stands set up this year.  Faull wants a resolution to the ordinance that gives him the authority to restrict the use of fireworks when it’s warranted.  The commissioners agreed that adjustments to the language are needed before the ordinance can be put in its final form. 

PMC CEO, Craig Loveless and Prowers County Commissioners Hold Initial Meeting

Craig Loveless, the new Chief Executive Officer of Prowers Medical Center, made an acquaintance call to the commissioners.    The commissioners invited the new CEO to provide an update on activities at the hospital in light of the new board members and his recent hiring as permanent Chief Executive Officer.  Loveless issued a challenge to the community on health care, stating,” Come to me with your ideas.  Help us to be top innovators and not be reactive to medical services, but innovative to the new services we can provide.”  As an example, Loveless described the hospital’s telemedicine computer that aids stroke victims.  It offers a diagnosis from a neurologist in another hospital and has the capability to show high resolution pupil dilation from a local patient.  “It allows a patient to receive local care under the direction of a specialist in another city,” he stated. 

Loveless added that although the hospital has no ICU service due to cost and staffing issues, there is a specialized care unit available.  Additional surgeons would also be needed to open up the second operating room at the hospital.  “We need to be able to increase our patient volume before we can offer that additional service,” Loveless added.  He said physician recruitment and the consequent local services will continue to be a goal of the hospital.  “A lot of surgeries can be performed right here, but the public needs to become aware of what we offer.  That will save them from having to travel out of town for their medical needs,” he told the commissioners.  Loveless said he’d be happy to bring the commissioners up to date on developments at Prowers Medical Center on an on-going basis. 

The commissioners approved a pharmacy contract for the County Jail.  Sheriff Faull said local services aren’t as quick as the jail’s needs, and he can’t justify the expense of having a deputy wait at a location while the drug prescriptions for the prisoners are being filled.  PDC Pharmacy Colorado, Inc will be the new provider.  Faull said they provide next-day delivery service to the jail and because each pill is sent in a separate blister pack and not loose in a container, maintaining a count and dispensing the medication is much easier. 

The commissioners approved a permit application change to Opal’s Pub liquor license, adding Lori Machado’s name to the license.  Under the current provisions of the license, the manager must be present at all times for Opal’s to remain open.   Machado was included which provides a work rotation for the other manager. 

The county’s oil and gas lease with Land Energy, Inc. was tabled, pending an addendum from County Attorney Lefferdink.  He offered several provisions as a safeguard for the county in the agreement and will provide the commissioners with a completed form for study for their August 9 meeting.

By Russ Baldwin


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