Big Timbers History Corner #13 – Fats vs. Leans

Lamar has been a baseball town almost from the start. There are records of games back in 1886! This picture shows just part of a Big Timbers Museum display about a 1902 baseball battle of the Fats vs. the Leans. Lot of noted names in those rosters! I especially like the picture with the Strain Ice Wagon in the back, which was on hand in case an ambulance was needed! (Maybe they didn’t know you put ice on the injury, not the injured on ice!) How rough were those old time games, anyway?

When the Babe Ruth Tournament players are in town next week, why not invite them out to Big Timbers Museum? Come for the sports, stay for the amazing history of our tough little county on the plains!

Speaking of homers, you score a great deal when you come to Big Timbers Museum. Admission is only $3 for individuals, or $2 each for groups of 10 or more. $5 lets you bring the whole family for a fun learning experience that also helps preserve our Prowers County heritage for future generations. An even better deal is a membership, $10 for an individual and $15 for a family. Open 10 am to 5 pm Tues-Sat. Call 336-2472 for more details.

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