Letter to the Editor-PMC Bond Issue

 Upon examining and checking on this proposal I have many questions concerning the ballot issue as proposed to the citizens of this hospital district.  First, let me say that there is a need to enlarge the Physical Therapy room and we may also may need to some other maintenance to some of the other parts of the hospital.  With this said, we need to look at what may be some serious oversight that is not addressed. 

The first question that I asked Mr. Mike Bryant:  I would like to see the floor plan of the proposed building.  After some searching he was not able to show me the floor plan.  THER IS NO FLOOR PLAN FOR THIS BUILDING.  I do not know for sure but I feel that there are no elevations, mechanical specifications available for this building. 

The only public thing we have are the Artists renditions of what this may look like. 

My request for the ? five hundred seating capacity room which he refereed to as all-purpose room was rather vague.  We have in Lamar several available public buildings that have this capabilities that could be used for holding meeting that would require this much space and could be utilized for such events. 

The next question I asked: Do you know what the patient bed capacity of the PMC of the hospital?  Answer NO  This hospital was built as a forty-bed facility and now has twenty-three patient beds private rooms.  The seventeen have all been converted to office space.

There are many other questions that can be asked and answers given before we vote on the issue which may turn out to be an open ended spending account for the hospital board and administration. 

One last thing I feel that the ballot box when opened should be COUNTED BY A THIRD PARTY that has not vested interest and is appointed by an outside entity. 

We the people need to be aware that the most important people that work in this facility are the Professional medical staff, Nurses, Laboratory Technicians, and all of the people that provide service to the patients. 


George A. Demas
1304 So Parkview Avenue
Lamar, CO  81052



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