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On February 17, 2012 my husband and I placed a wreath on our daughter’s grave at Fairmount Cemetery in honor of her birthday. Today, when I went to the cemetery, I found our wreath had been removed; however due to there still being flowers on the surrounding graves, I feel very strongly that our wreath had been STOLEN. We want to ask “did you really get a thrill walking through the cemetery picking out just the perfect flowers?”

Speaking directly to the person/persons that took it upon themselves to STEAL our flowers if you are so desperate for flowers that you must walk the cemetery looking for flowers to take off of graves, if you will give me a call at 336-4222 I will gladly give you the money to buy your own flowers and that way my husband and I can continue to be able to honor our daughter’s grave without the threat of you stealing our flowers. We live in a very fallen world when you stoop so low as to take flowers from gravesites showing you have no respect for anyone or anything. I wonder how you can look at that wreath which I imagine you have hanging on your wall or door and not think about the gravesite that you stole it from.

My husband and I hope that you are truly enjoying the beauty of the wreath; however, we truly pray that you will consider the people that you have hurt as the result of your actions and reconsider the next time you feel the urge to take something that does not belong to you. Even though at this time you are not having to face the consequences of your actions, one day you will stand before your Maker and will answer for this crime. We can only ask that you do not do harm to any more people by stealing flowers from gravesites. People are hurting enough losing a loved one and you have only added to the pain they are already going through. Just for once think of others before you think of yourself and spare people the pain of your actions.

Lorene and Richard Thompson

Lamar, CO


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