LUB Wants Updates from ARPA

The Lamar Utility Board voiced their need for updates on information from ARPA, Arkansas Valley Power Authority and Babcock and Wilson, designers of the boiler used in the Repowering Project. Boiler problems at Lamar Light and Power have been on-going to the point at which the plant will now remain offline until sometime this summer. That’s the timeline given when Babcock and Wilson hope to have plans finalized for the continued operation of the boiler. Board member Mike Bryant said he understood that some discussion will be done in executive session, and interim Plant Superintendent Houssin Hourieh informed the board B & W have stated some of their discussions involve proprietary information which is not available to the public. But in general, the board members were united in their desire to be kept up to date on a consistent basis. Hourieh said he’d address the next ARPA monthly board meeting to provide an update on February 14, the next LUB meeting date.

Light Plant crews have focused on other projects during the downtime at the facility, emptying 144 tons of coal that cannot be used from the Day Silos. That coal will be taken to the Lamar landfill for proper disposal. Hourieh said protocols will be followed, alleviating any problem from coal dust. The plant will see some cost savings as freeze protection heaters are being converted from propane to natural gas. Heat trace elements are being installed for all freeze-prone instruments throughout the plant, and crews are cleaning and repairing the cooling water discharge system at the canal. Hourieh said a build-up of accumulated debris is being cleared to improve water flow.

Some antiquated circuit breakers on the 24.9KV substation at the Light Plant site are being replaced. Some have been in use since the 1960s, and replacement parts are scarce. Replacement items have been budgeted for 2012. Some breakers were replaced in 2010 in the Wiley area and Hourieh said that helped cut back on outages the past two years. Only one power pole in McClave went down in the gale force winds from several weekends ago, and that has been replaced. Board members reviewed a three year service contract between ARPA and Tri State G & T which will go into effect on February 1.

By Russ Baldwin

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